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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1792

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Chapter 1792

Daisie replied in a low voice, “Don‘t pay him any heed. There will always be a
few days he will act like this in a month.”

Colton stopped and turned around. “I’m not deaf, you know that, right?”

Daisie shuddered and forced a smile on her face when she saw how dark
the expression on Colton‘s face was.

“Daisie, go to your class first. You stay here. I have something to ask you.” Colton pointed at Freyja.

Freyja was stunned.

Daisie looked at them and asked, “What exactly do you want to ask Freyja?”

Colton pushed her away and said, “Be a good girl and go back to your class.”

She walked a few steps forward before turning her head
around and said, “I warn you, Colton. Don‘t you dare bully Freyja. If not, you‘re not going home today!”

Veins were bulging on Colton‘s forehead, but he paid Daisie no mind.

He led Freyja to the back of the building
as there were fewer people over there. Freyja leaned against the wall, crossed her arms
in front of her chest, and asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I want you to stay away from my brother.”


She was stunned, thinking her ears had failed her.

Colton lifted his eyebrows, and there was no expression on his face. His gaze was so deep that not eve
n Freyja could read what was in his mind right now.

“I thought I was kind enough to close one of my eyes and allow you to get close to Daisie. But I didn‘t e
xpect you to be so good that you could even get close to my brother.”

Freyja knew what he was talking about. She took a deep breath and said, “So, you‘re saying that I have
an agenda for getting close to your brother?”

He said, “Isn‘t that so?”

Freyja let out a laugh and said, “Colton, do you have such prejudice against anyone? Do you think that
everyone wants to take advantage of your family?

The two brothers looked the same, but their personalities were poles apart. She knew Colton did not lik
e her from the beginning, but she did not expect him to have such prejudice against her.

Colton did not say anything in return.

Freyja did not like the way he looked
at her. She felt like he was looking at a prisoner rather than a normal person. She averted her gaze and
said, “I have never thought of taking advantage of your family. Not now, not ever.”

When she turned around and was about to leave, Colton grabbed her arm. “You can be my sister‘s frie
nd, but you‘ve got to stay away from my brother.”

Daisie was waiting for Freyja outside of the building. After a short while,
she saw Freyja coming toward her with a dark expression. However, she couldn‘t see Colton anywhere

She approached her and asked, “Freyja, what did my brother tell


Freyja turned her face sideways and said, “Nothing. He didn‘t say anything.”

Daisie narrowed her eyes. She knew that Freyja must be lying to her. Considering Colton‘s
ways of doing things, she was certain

that her brother must be up to something no good. If not, he wouldn‘t have come to look for Freyja.

She asked, “Did my brother scold you? Or did he give you a hard time?”

Freyja chuckled and concealed her emotions. “No, really, he didn‘t say anything to me. Alright, we still
have a training session. Let‘s not be late.”

She then walked into the
hall, leaving Daisie alone outside of the building, immersed in her own thoughts.

At that moment, Daisie received a news notification on her phone.

#Young Mr. Knowles has gone missing. #

Daisie was stunned when she saw the news.

At the White Ivy Palace…

King William walked into his
study room after the meeting was over. He smacked the newspaper on the desk and asked angrily, “How
they can‘t find anything?”

Keeping his head low, Paul replied, “The people in Haniston didn‘t want to make a big fuss when they
were looking for Young Mr. Knowles. Although Haniston is a
relatively small country, it‘s similar to looking for a
needle in a haystack when we‘re looking for a person.”

King William threw himself on his leather chair, and his face was grim. “The news was
released from Haniston, and now you‘re telling me that they didn’t want to make a big fuss out of it?”

Paul was tongue-tied.

They had made contact with the police department in Haniston when they
sent their people there to look for Nollace. However,

they didn‘t allow the police to announce to the public that Nollace had gone missing.

They did not know how the news got out, and they were kind of surprised that someone
would be the first to get hold of the news of Nollace‘s disappearance.

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