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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1789

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Chapter 1789

Diana asked, “What if something really has happened?”

King William insisted, “Nothing would have happened.”

After a moment of silence, Diana
slowly stood up. “Father, what would you do if someone did something to Nollace?”

William paused, then affirmed, “I won‘t let them get away with it.”

The corner of Diana‘s lips curled. “I hope you will put the words into action.”

She left the room, walked into the main hall, and bumped into Zenovia, who was smiling and looking to
be in a good mood.” Mrs. Knowles, are you here to see His Majesty?”

Diana looked at her with no expression. “I‘ve underestimated


“Mrs. Knowles, everyone has something up their sleeves. I‘m a victim here. The person who has been
playing around is that Goldmann girl.”

Zenovia stood in front of Diana and added, “Mrs. Knowles, I‘m just looking out for you. If the
Goldmanns disrespect the royals, they will disrespect the Knowles too. Even if you‘re nice
to Daisie, even if she marries Nollace, it may just be part of their plan.”

Diana smirked. “What do you think they want from us?”

Zenovia didn‘t fall for that. “I can‘t be sure. What I do know is

Upon seeing how confident Zenovia was, Diana‘s disgust for her grew stronger.

What Zenovia said meant that she was looking down on her son. She thought that her son wasn‘t
good enough to give the Knowles a good standing and was rushing to get married to Daisie.

Diana laughed. “So, you think that my son needs your help?”

Zenovia replied, “If he‘s willing to accept it.”

Diana stopped smiling. “Nollace doesn‘t need your help. To be clear, he doesn‘t need anyone‘s help.

“Do you know why he chose Daisie instead of you?

“That‘s because Daisie at least believes in him and understands him. On the other hand, you are arrog
ant yet a nobody. You can continue to be proud, but I hope you don‘t regret it in the future.”

Diana glared at her and left after bumping her shoulder.

Zenovia was so angry about what Diana had said that her face turned purple.

The next day after the news came out, Daisie became the talk of the college because everyone knew a
bout her ‘dispute‘ with Zenovia. Zenovia was the ‘bullied‘ party in their eyes.

Freyja heard the people in class discussing it, so she turned around and looked at them, then at Daisie.

Daisie was writing down some notes and seemed to have ignored their discussion, but deep down,
she probably wasn‘t too happy.

Once their class ended, Daisie packed her bag and left the room.

Freyja knew Daisie was feeling terrible, so she gave her some space to clear her head. She
slowly walked out of the building and noticed that a group of reporters surrounded Daisie at the gate.

“Ms. Vanderbilt, could you tell us why you‘ve made Ms. Livingston your enemy?”

“Ms. Vanderbilt, I heard that you’re
using the power of the Goldmanns to do whatever you want and don‘t even respect the royals. Is that tru

All the cameras were pointed at her face, and the people surrounded her as if they were swallowing her

Freyja wanted
to walk over, but an arm suddenly blocked her in her steps. She turned her face over and paused for
a few seconds. “M–Mr. Goldmann?”

She thought it was Colton, but she took a closer look and noticed that he didn‘t have a mole
under his eye and that they
had a different air. Waylon looked toward the crowd. “You won‘t be able to help.”

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