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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1796

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Chapter 1796

However, a disagreeing voice appeared out
of nowhere. “But Mr. Knowles has disappeared in Haniston. Isn‘t this a little too coincidental ? Rumors
have it that Ms. Livingston has always wanted Mr. Knowles to marry you, so I wonder if the Livingstons
know about this matter?”

That implied that because Nollace had refused to marry her, it was very
likely that the Livingstons had detained him after arriving in Haniston.

Zenovia‘s expression dimmed, and a hint of gloom flashed across her eyes as she looked at the
female reporter who had just spoken. “What are you talking about?”

The female reporter sounded very firm. “We only aim to get to the bottom of this issue.”

“So are you saying that you‘re suspecting the Livingstons?” Zenovia put on a smile, but there was not e
ven a trace of hilarity in her eyes. “The Livingstons would never do such a thing. I can guarantee that
in the name of the king‘s god–granddaughter.”

Zenovia asked her secretary to send those reporters away and walked
into the Sunrise Hotel with a sulky expression. The two stainless–steel doors closed slowly as she
stood in the elevator, and her hands clenched involuntarily.

‘Nollace must have deliberately directed the public‘s opinion toward the Livingstons. His
disappearance must be part of his plan!

But I won‘t admit defeat. I want him to know that even though the Livingstons are inferior to the Goldma
nns, we‘re by no means a family that he can bring down so easily!‘

She stepped out of the elevator and saw a familiar figure leaning against the wall. His head was lowere
d, and he was scrolling through his phone.

‘That figure and facial outline … I saw him at the restaurant the other day. He‘s the eldest young master
of the Goldmanns.’

Zenovia stepped forward. “Why are you here, Mr. Goldmann ?”

Colton turned and glanced at her. He knew that Zenovia had met Wayne before this and that she had r
egarded him as the

eldest that she had seen the other day.

“I‘m here to show you something.”

Zenovia was puzzled.

Colton took a waiter‘s employee card out of his pocket, dangled it on his finger, and swung it in front of
her. “Does this look familiar to you in any way?”

Her expression turned stiff, but she remained calm. “I don‘t understand what you‘re trying to say, Mr. G

“You don‘t have to understand me.” Colton fiddled with the card in
his hand with an unconcerned expression. “That man has told me everything.”

Zenovia‘s shoulders trembled. “Are you planning to threaten me with this incident? He‘s clarified
the matter. If he suddenly changes his mind, do you think the public will believe in what he

says this time around?”

She then smirked. “After all, I can also claim that you two have joined forces to slander me.”

Colton‘s eyes looked cold, and he scoffed abruptly. “Are you
challenging me? Do you really think you‘re so smart that you can place yourself above everyone else?
Why would I care if others believe him or not?”

Zenovia was on the verge of crushing her teeth.
“Mr. Goldmann, the recent incidents aren‘t something that will do you Goldmanns any good. Aren‘t you
afraid that those rumors will backfire on the Goldmanns if you lay a finger on me?”

She was referring to the rumors that claimed the Goldmanns were so
conceited that they were not taking the royal family seriously.

Colton looked at her and remained silent for a bit. “Whatever , the Goldmanns don‘t care about that.”

Zenovia felt extremely nervous subconsciously. “So, are you people planning to light the future of the Go

Colton crossed his arms, and
his expression was unchanged.“ Then, has the king made a move on the Goldmanns for you?”

Zenovia was startled.

“I can guarantee you that the king won‘t go to great lengths to offend the Goldmanns for a god–
granddaughter who‘s not even related to the
royal family by blood. That‘s because before the king does so, he‘ll
still have to consider the Hathaways‘

existence. That‘s why the Goldmanns have never taken any of your means seriously.”

Colton stopped in
front of her and looked down at her embarrassed expression . “The public will soon come at you.”

After he left, Zenovia rushed into the room and smashed her handbag on the couch in wrath. “Damn tha

Her handbag touched the remote control accidentally, and the big television screen suddenly lit up, and

“According to
the latest update, Ms. Zenovia Livingston might be the one who‘s come up with the necklace theft in ord

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