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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1797

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Chapter 1797

“An insider submitted the
surveillance footage from the banquet from the other day to the police, and it shows that the waiter and
Ms. Livingston were very close before the banquet started. It also shows that the waiter grabbed Ms. G
oldmann‘s clutch when he collided with her. So, it‘s suspected that he
placed something into the clutch, and it‘s clearly recorded in the footage.

“The video was posted onto the Internet just ten minutes ago.”

‘Ten minutes ago? It was around the time when I met Mr. Goldmann!

Zenovia‘s body swayed, and she propped her arms against the back of the couch chair to find a firm

‘The surveillance footage from that day? 1 hired someone to delete it! Even if the police were to get thei
r hands on the footage, it would be impossible for them to find evidence.

‘How did the deleted surveillance footage get restored and even leaked onto the Internet!?

‘Could it be that Mr. Goldmann has the ability to do this?‘

After the incident had encountered a plot twist, the controversy became even greater. And when the
news was combined with what Daisie had said in front of the media a few days ago, everyone got to th
e bottom of the incident.

It turned out that it was not that the Goldmanns did not respect

the royal family but that Zenovia had been acting arrogantly around
the country because she had become the king‘s god granddaughter. The

Goldmanns could not stand her attitude.

Who would believe
this was a drama that was schemed by Zenovia herself? She even did so to direct the blame
at the daughter of the Goldmanns to defame her.

The public speculated whether it was the intention of the king.

After seeing the news, King William put down the tablet and waved at Paul.

Paul stood at the table and nodded. “Your Majesty.”

King William put on his glasses, picked up some documents, and flipped through
them. “Get someone to make an announcement . Zenovia is indeed my god–
granddaughter, but that doesn‘t mean she can interfere in anything as a royal.”

Paul was astonished, but he nodded swiftly. “Understood.”

Soon, the royal family announced a piece of news, and this news managed to make it into the list of tre
nding topics on the Internet in just a few hours.

The announcement released by the
royal family was equivalent to the king‘s thoughts, so it made everything very obvious. He had taken Ze
novia in as his god–
granddaughter because he appreciated her ability. Still, it did not mean that he had given her the highe
st authority in the country that the royal family members had.

In other words, Zenovia did not represent the royal family–she was only a VIP from Haniston.
It also meant that an outsider

had no right to interfere with anything using her relationship with the royal family.

These clarifications from the royal family smacked Zenovia vigorously in the face. Zenovia‘s reputation
was ruined by a few continuous events in just one day, and she
was even awarded the ‘biggest laughingstock of the year‘ title by the netizens.

The next day, at the college…

Daisie was worried about Nollace, so she was not in the mood and did not pay much attention to the ne
ws at all. She wandered aimlessly and slowly on the campus until her phone vibrated.

She looked down and was stunned.

It was a text message from Nollace.

She called the number immediately, and the other party actually picked up the
call. When she heard his voice, a smile appeared instantly on her face. “Nollace?”

Nollace spoke slowly. “Daisie, I‘m sorry for making you worry.”

“They said you‘ve gone missing.” Daisie‘s voice was trembling, and a sense of irritation surged from the

He coaxed her from the other end of the phone call. “I‘m sorry, Daisie, this is all my fault. I‘ve not gone m

“Then why are you contacting me now?”

Nollace gave off a deep chuckle. “Yes, I‘m contacting you now because I was afraid you‘d worry too muc


She choked on her saliva and whispered, “I didn‘t cry.”

“Daisie, I‘ve only contacted you now.” He added in a warm tone,” There are some agendas that I have to
from anyone.”

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