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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1802

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Chapter 1802 “Aunt Diana, why,”

“I have my selfish reasons.” Diana looked at her and was honest. “I never asked you for anything, but y
ou know about Zenovia . Your grandfather is old and has lost
sight of things. How could he just take an outsider as his granddaughter?

“You‘re his granddaughter , Freyja. I believe that he will accept that.”

Diana didn‘t want to see Zenovia continue to misbehave because she had the king‘s support.

She knew that Freyja didn‘t have the birthright, but she wanted to see if she could convince the king.

Freyja was Laura‘s granddaughter, and since Freyja was nothing like her mother when it came to perso
nality, he might be able to take her in.

Freyja was silent for a long time, but she agreed.

After two days…

A socialite had invited Zenovia to a tea party. She picked her most exuberant gown to outshine all the s
ocialites of Yaramoor.

She didn‘t seem to be affected by the news, so the socialites were surprised by her appearance.

“How could she still show up?”

“Who invited her?”

After Daisie turned things around, the socialites changed their views about
Zenovia drastically. The usual few who would greet her didn‘t seem too willing to do that anymore.

When Zenovia heard people murmuring, she looked annoyed but still
had a smile on. She was going to greet them instead.

Someone showed up, and there was a commotion among the crowd.

Daisie wore a galaxy-
printed dress. It was embroidered with so many crystals they looked like stars. The skirt was in ombre,
dark at the bottom, and slowly turned light toward the top. It looked elegant.

She had her hair in an updo and looked like a princess with a tiara. She looked like a porcelain doll with
her cheekiness.

Seeing how the socialites
greeted Daisie, Zenovia, who was ignored, bit her lip, and anger flashed past her eyes.

She took a deep breath and walked toward them. “Ms. Vanderbilt.”

The socialites looked at each other when they saw Zenovia walking over but didn‘t say anything.

Daisie looked toward her, revealing a pretty smile, “You‘re here too.”

Zenovia smiled back. “I thought you would be sad
about Mr. Knowles’ disappearance in Haniston. I guess I‘m just overthinking.”

Everyone heard what she said.

She was implying that as Nollace‘s girlfriend, how could she be in the mood to join a tea party when her

Any other person wouldn‘t feel happy when they heard that, but Daisie smiled. “There‘s nothing to worry

Zenovia thought it was pathetic. “Do you really believe in him that much?”

Daisie answered with no hesitation, “Yes, I do.”

Daisie‘s determination made Zenovia feel annoyed. She had no idea how Daisie could say all that. Nolla

Daisie looked toward the crowd and said, “By the way, I‘d like to introduce a new friend. I‘m sure you’ll a

Then she turned around and called out, “Freyja.”

Everyone looked over when an elegantly dressed woman walked in. It was a new face to them.

Her champagne–colored mermaid dress was made by the royal tailor. It wasn‘t something that any
socialite could get their hands on because it was specially designed by the top designer of the royal
family. The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1802

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