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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1803

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Chapter 1803

It was different from what one could get from a luxury brand because it was custom–
made for the royals.

Zenovia immediately recognized her. “I‘ve seen you at the Knowles mansion before.”

Once she said that everyone looked toward Freyja and guessed she was related to Nollace.

Freyja squinted but didn‘t say anything.

Daisie was the one who confirmed it. “Yes, she has an extraordinary relationship with Nolly.”

Zenovia‘s smile faded.

Daisie looked at the surprised crowd and introduced Freyja. “I won‘t leave you wondering. Her name is
Freyja Pruitt, Nollace Knowles‘s cousin and His Majesty‘s biological granddaughter.”

Naturally, Daisie stressed on ‘biological‘.

Everyone was shocked. ‘His Majesty‘s granddaughter and last name Pruitt–she‘s the sister
of Ken Pruitt!‘

Zenovia was surprised. She grabbed the side of her skirt and smirked. “So you‘re the child of the secon
d family.”

Everyone knew that the child of King William‘s second child was Mrs. Pruitt, and her son, Ken Pruitt, w
as the son–in–
law of the Reeses. After the Resses‘ downfall, he held Lara Reese hostage and was shot down by the

But they never knew that Ken had a sister.

Daisie crossed her arms and couldn‘t help but laugh at
Zenovia‘s jab. “It‘s still better than someone who isn‘t even related by blood. She
at least has royal blood, but who are you?”

Zenovia didn‘t expect Daisie to challenge her in public, so she held back her emotions but looked drear
y. “Even if I‘m an outsider, I‘m a Livingston, and that makes me more powerful than an illegitimate
family. Moreover, has His Majesty confirmed her identity?‘

Using someone from an illegitimate family to challenge her? She thought they would have more than

Daisie suddenly clapped. “Ms. Livingston, you could
pretty much rule the world with your logic and audacity. If we had even a hint of your arrogance, we wo
uld be able to take over the world.”

“Ms. Vanderbilt, I was just being honest. Even if you have views about me, there‘s
no need to attack me.”

Zenovia looked at Freyja and
scoffed. “You‘re using someone from His Majesty‘s second family to shame me? I‘m afraid you‘re emba
rrassing the king.”

All she
knew was that His Majesty had acknowledged that Nollace was his grandchild, while the descendants f
rom his second family would stay illegitimate.

How could they use someone from the second family to attack her?

Unexpectedly, Diana and King William showed up after Zenovia said that.

“Ms. Livingston, since when are you the protector of the royal family‘s pride?”

Zenovia‘s expression immediately changed. No matter how proud she was a moment ago, now she was

King William‘s expression turned somber, and he squinted after hearing what she said.

Diana turned to face him. “Father, this is your god granddaughter?”

Zenovia wanted to explain but knew she was in trouble when she saw the king‘s expression.

It would be fine if only Daisie showed up with Freyja , but now even Diana and the king were there.

Everything seemed to be part of a plan.

Zenovia was a wound–up string and broke at
that moment because she felt wronged and annoyed. “You tricked me!?”

Daisie chuckled, “We didn‘t. You said all those things by yourself. We didn‘t force you to do it.”

The king walked next to Freyja and said, “I‘m sorry, child. I‘ve neglected you.”

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