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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1812

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Chapter 1812

Nollace lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers.

That was what he had been thinking about day and night.

Daisie wrapped her arms around his neck, and the two hugged and caressed each other under the beg
onia tree.

The two figures were inseparable until the moment the two lips separated.

Daisie lowered her gaze, her eyelashes flickered, and the emotions that surged from the bottom of her
eyes rippled.” We‘ve been apart for half a month.”

He gave off a chuckle, and his lips landed on her forehead this time around. “Yeah, it‘s been half a mon

She whispered, “Don‘t you have anything to say to me?”

Nollace rubbed his fingers over her lips and whispered , “Yes.”

He approached her, and
she was only inches away from him.” You haven‘t been by my side, and that made me miss you so muc
h that I actually dreamed of you.”

Daisie‘s cheeks turned warm. She avoided his gaze and said in a stern voice, “That level of glibness.”

But she could not help but wonder. “What did you dream about


He smiled and approached her ear. “I dreamed that I swallowed you whole.”

Daisie was so furious that she beat him. “I‘m serious!”

He grabbed her hand and kissed the back of her hand.
“I want to own every inch of you. What‘s not serious about that?”

Daisie‘s cheeks flushed, like a ripe apple, making it difficult for him to suppress his urge to
take a bite at her. But Nollace did not care and bit her lips lightly.

She hissed as the pain felt numbing and strange.

She protested in a low voice, “Nollace Knowles! You‘re not allowed to bite me!”

His eyes overflowed with hilarity.

Freyja stepped into the home she had not returned to in ages. Nothing had
changed at home except that it felt a lot more deserted.

The butler went upstairs to report, and
Brandon hurried downstairs after a while. “Fey, you‘ve finally come back to have a look.”

Freyja did not plan to catch up with them. “You‘re the one who
called me here. Just tell me what you want from me.”

Brandon knew that she did not
plan to forgive them from the bottom of her heart, but he did not blame her. “Fey, it‘s been such a long ti
me. At least go upstairs and take a look at your mother.”

She did not say anything.

Brandon lowered his head. “I know you resent her a lot deep down, but since your brother died,
your mother‘s mental condition has been very bad. You‘re the only one she has left.”

the only one she has left?” Freyja looked at her father.” Ken‘s death was all her fault. Am I the reason th
at she‘s heartbroken? Ken is the only person that she cares about from the beginning to the end, isn‘t it


“Father, I told you that since Mother doesn‘t want me
around, you don‘t need to try to patch my relationship with her. If it‘s really doable, why would you have
to wait until today to do so?”

Brandon choked on his own words, and his expression dimmed.

“You‘ve summoned me here to see her, but does she want to see me? Her mood might even worsen wh

Brandon stopped her. “Fey, what if your mother wants to see you?”

She stopped.

In the bedroom upstairs, Sandy
was sitting on the bed. Ever since Ken died, she did not even bother to dress herself up, so she looked

Freyja and Brandon walked into the room, and he came to the bedside. “Fey has come to see you.”

Sandy moved, lifted her gaze, stared at Freyja, stretched out her hand, and moved her dry lips. “Fey…”

Freyja took a deep breath and walked over.

Sandy held her tightly. Her haggard expression and the vicissitudes of life seemed to have
sanded her usual arrogance down. “Fey, you‘ve come to see me. You haven‘t forgotten about me, have

When looking at her mother‘s appearance, it would be fake for her to say that she did not feel soft–
hearted for a split second. She lowered her gaze and said, “Mother, please let go of me first.”

Sandy grabbed onto her arm and refused to let go. “Fey, you‘re the only one who can
help me now. Can you do your mother a favor? I know that your grandfather has recognized you. As lon

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