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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1813

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Chapter 1813

Freyja‘s back stiffened, and the empathy that had just sprouted in
her heart was immediately strangled to death by her mother‘s words.

Brandon was also stunned. He wanted to pull
Sandy away but was pushed aside by her. She looked extremely morbid as she raised her voice hysteri
cally. “Fey, you‘re my only hope now! You can‘t leave me behind! I‘m your mother!”

The sound of a slap resounded in the bedroom.

Freyja was not able to react to the abrupt movement at all, and all she saw was Sandy falling onto
the bed.

The scene was immediately followed by Brandon‘s wrath.“ Haven‘t you had enough!?”

Sandy covered her cheeks, froze on the bed, and did not utter a single word.

Brandon took a deep breath. “What did you promise me? You promised that you‘d get along with Fey.
Were you lying to me!?”

With his bloodshot
eyes, he gnashed his teeth. “You‘ve killed your son, is that still not enough for you to learn a lesson? An
d now you‘re planning to reach out to your daughter? What‘s the power
and status that you‘ve been fighting for? Why didn‘t the king take you and Ken in? Don‘t you have any
self-awareness? What kind of mother
would use her child as a tool to fight for power? Your son‘s death is on you!”

“It‘s not me… It‘s not…” Sandy trembled. She looked stupefied and sorrowful.

Sandy could not accept the fact that Ken had died. These words were tantamount to a lifelong

The person that felt the most guilty was Brandon. Because of his cowardice, he had failed to stop Ken f
rom taking the path of no return.

Freyja looked away expressionlessly. “Father, since Mother doesn‘t look too well mentally, you should t
ake her for treatment as soon as possible.”

Brandon stared at a corner in the room. He looked absentminded and did not speak for a long time.

Freyja turned around. “I‘ll go back first.”

Leaving the Pruitt manor, she stopped outside the yard with a dejected expression.

‘This home has long since shattered into pieces. I actually had a trace of expectation just now? That‘s h

On the other side of the city, at the Knowles mansion…

Diana could not help but cry when she saw her son arrive home in one piece. Rick hurriedly hugged he
r. “Darling, why are you crying all of a sudden?”

“I thought we‘d never see our son again.” Diana
leaned on his shoulder and covered her face with a handkerchief. “I only have one son. How
can I get myself a daughter–in–law if I lose my son now?”

Rick was rendered speechless.

‘So this is it?‘

Daisie lowered her head and could not hold back her smile.

‘Mrs. Knowles has gone a little overboard with her acting.‘

Nollace rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Mother, was that enough to cover your daily dose of acting?”

sobbed. “Don‘t you dare call me your mother. I almost lost my mind worrying about you! For God‘s sake
, what kind of child have I given birth to? He doesn‘t even care about his own safety at all.”

Nollace lowered his gaze. “I promise this incident won‘t repeat itself again.”

“Does that mean that you are planning to repeat this in the future?” Diana smashed the handkerchief
on him. “Let me warn you, Nollace Knowles, if you ever dare
to act like this again, I‘ll bring your future wife with me and run away from home.”

Rick and Nollace were both rendered speechless.

Daisie walked up to Diana‘s side and whispered, “Mrs. Knowles, Nollace already knows that he‘s wrong

Diana covered the back of her hand, stopped crying, and said earnestly, “Daisie, you can‘t
spoil him like this. This young man will only get more disobedient the more you let him do as he likes.”

The corners of Daisie‘s lips twitched.

Rick could not bear listening to Diana‘s complaints anymore and said sourly, “Alright, alright, if you really
in–law that much, you should just go with her. I‘m no longer important to you, am I?
Then I should just leave this place.”

He turned around and went upstairs.

“Dear… Rick Knowles! You stop right there!” Diana did
not expect her husband to be jealous of his future daughter–in–law.

‘How can he still be so childish at this age?‘

But what could she say at this moment? She could only go upstairs to coax him.

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