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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1816

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Chapter 1816

Freyja lay on the hospital bed with IV drips while Daisie sat by her side until she slowly woke up.

Daisie got up and asked, “Freyja, are you alright?”

Freyja forced a smile. “Yeah, thanks.”

Daisie sat back down. “I was so worried. I‘m glad I went to see you, or nobody
would know that you fainted. You would have fried your brain with that fever.”

Freyja pushed herself up. “Did you send me to the hospital?”

Daisie replied, “I got Waylon to drive us over.”

Freyja didn‘t say anything back.

Waylon showed up and leaned against the door, then knocked.” Feeling better?”

Freyja paused and nodded. “Sorry for the trouble.”

Daisie said, “There‘s no trouble. By the way, wasn‘t the nanny home?”

Freyja looked down and said, “She brought Deedee out, and I thought I would feel better after a nap.”

Taking care of Deedee wasn‘t an easy task, so Freyja hadn‘t told the nanny she wasn‘t feeling well.

“That won‘t do. Why don‘t you get another helper? What will happen if the nanny isn‘t
around and the same thing happens


Freyja smiled. “Don‘t worry about it, I‘ll be careful.”

Daisie walked to Waylon. “Why don‘t we send someone from our home over?”

Waylon looked at her. “Go ahead and arrange for it.”

Freyja was startled and immediately said, “There‘s really no need for that. My place is too small for that
many people. Don‘t worry, I‘ll tell the nanny if I‘m not feeling well the next time.”

Daisie was going to say something when Waylon put his hand on her head. “Alright, if Freyja doesn‘t w
ant it, don‘t force it.”

After that, he looked toward Freyja. “I‘ve paid for your hospital bills. Rest well.”

Freyja frowned but didn‘t know what to say.

Daisie and Waylon left the room. She had to walk faster to keep up
with him and asked, “Waylon, did you get into an argument with Colton?”

Waylon paused, then turned to look at her. “Why do you ask?”

Daisie scratched her face. “Colton seems weird today. I think he got angry when I mentioned you.”

Waylon squirted. “What did you mention about me?”

Daisie replied honestly, “I said you
don‘t hate Freyja.” Waylon chuckled and turned to face her. “Daisie, why do you think Colton is angry?‘

Daisie pouted. “How would I know?”

Waylon smiled, knocked her head gently, and left. “Think about

Daisie was annoyed because she wouldn‘t have asked him if she could figure it out.

That afternoon, Freyja walked out of the main doors of the hospital. A car parked in front of her, blocking
her way. The window lowered, and Colton was in the driver‘s seat.

Freyja asked with a frown, “Why are you here?”

Colton looked at her and said, “I came to see if you died of a fever.”

Freyja knew nothing good would come out of his mouth, so she smiled. “Are you disappointed then?”

He said, “Maybe.”

She turned to leave when Colton called out to her. “Hold on.”

She turned around. “Yes?”

Colton motioned as he said, “Get in.”

Seeing how she didn‘t move, he got a little impatient. “Are you deaf? Do I need to repeat myself?”

Freyja stood next to the door because she saw how he had a temper. She pressed the car horn and yel

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