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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1820

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Chapter 1820

Colton looked at the coffee bag in the cup and squinted. “I don‘t drink instant coffee.”

“I‘m so sorry, we only have instant,” said Freyja with a smile.

The nanny overheard her as she brought fruits and was curious,” Ma‘am, there are coffee beans in
the cabinet. I just got them.”

Freyja was rendered speechless.

Colton had to hold in his laugh. “Ms. Pruitt, is this how you treat your guests?”

The nanny thought that he was upset, so she said, “I‘m sorry, sir. Please forgive her. I didn‘t tell her
we got the beans. Let me go brew some for you.”

Colton was very nice to her. “There‘s no need, thank you.”

The nanny nodded and left.

He picked up a piece of fruit and looked at Freyja, who
was standing there. “I won‘t hold this against you.”

Freyja turned to walk upstairs.

Colton saw her disappear up her stairs and was weirdly unsettled, so he pushed the dish away and left.

Freyja heard the sound of the car driving away and looked out the window.
She didn‘t see the car in the courtyard, so she drew her blinds.

Deedee walked in with a teddy bear the same size as her.“ Aunty, Daddy?”

Freyja walked to her, knelt, and touched her face. “Deedee, he’s not your daddy. You can‘t call him that,

Deedee didn‘t really
understand. Even though she had never seen her parents and didn‘t know what a complete family look
ed like, how would Freyja explain what happened to her parents to her when she grew up?

At the college…

Daisie paced the bottom floor of the building, waiting for someone.

After a while, she rushed forward when she saw
Freyja walking over. “Freyja, what happened last night?”

“I should ask you that.” Freyja was annoyed. “Did you tell Colton I was sick?”

Daisie shook her head. “I didn‘t!”

She really hadn‘t told him.

Freyja was thinking about something.

Daisie wasn‘t thinking but instead chuckled. “But doesn‘t that mean that
Colton doesn‘t hate you anymore?”

Freyja smiled. “He doesn‘t hate me, more like being careful around me.”

Daisie didn‘t understand. “Why is he being careful around you?”

Freyja was frank. “He thought that I was trying to get to Waylon.”

Daisie was shocked upon hearing that.

Seeing how she was in disbelief, Freyja crossed her arms. “He suspected I
approached you with a motive, and I lived with that, but now he thinks I have intentions with your older b
high IQ, but I‘m afraid his EQ has been fed to the dogs.

“No, to be fair, even the dogs wouldn‘t want it.”

She could deal with it in the past, but not anymore.

Daisie looked at her in shock.

That was the first time she saw Freyja complain about someone and that someone was
her own brother.

She knew how annoying Colton‘s mouth could get. Why else would she be afraid of him?

Daisie felt awkward. “That‘s how he is. Please don‘t mind him.” She then added, “He‘s quite a nice perso

“Of course, he‘s nice to you and everyone else.” Freyja shrugged. “Maybe
he only treats me that way. I know he doesn‘t like me.”

She could tell
that he treated everyone well other than people who were close to him. However, when it came to her, h
he would not let it go, no matter what she did.

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