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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1833

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Chapter 1833

Freyja asked in reply, “What would you choose to do then? To act shamelessly or to die?”

Colton pushed her aside and opened the French windows, and the
wind that blew in calmed him down a little. “You should be glad that that b*stard from the Knowles didn‘
t close the window.”

Freyja sat on the bed. “It seems that we can only stay here for one night.”

Colton did not say anything.

After freezing in place for a long time, he no longer heard any movement coming from behind, so he tur
ned around and saw Freyja. She was lying on her side and had fallen asleep on the bed.

Colton leaned against the window and stared at her thoughtfully.

Early in the morning, a ray of light shined into the room.

After Freyja
woke up, she sat up, turned her head, and caught a glimpse of Colton. He was sitting on the couch, sta
ring attentively at the computer screen.

Her gaze then shifted onto the laptop on his thigh, and she then looked intently.

Isn‘t that my laptop?

‘Did he go back next door while I was sleeping?‘

“Colton Goldmann!” Freyja rushed over and grabbed her laptop.

Colton closed the lid of the laptop and lifted his gaze. However, because Freyja was dashing so quickly,
she failed to slow down and threw herself into his arms.

A soft mass rammed him in the face.

Colton was at a loss for words as she pulled herself away immediately and stepped back.

Seeing Colton‘s indescribable expression, she was embarrassed and panicked. “I‘ll be clear with this. I
didn‘t do it on purpose, and I‘m the one who has something to lose from this incident!”

Blue veins bulged on the back of Colton‘s
hands, and he gnashed his teeth as if he was holding something back. “Freyja Pruitt, you,”

“I‘ll go back to my room.”

It‘s best to escape before he loses his cool.‘

Colton took a deep breath and covered his face with his palm.

Freyja did not realize that his entire face, including his ears, were all flushed.

Nollace and Daisie did not return to the resort until noon. Freyja and Colton sat alone in two corners of t
he room, and the atmosphere in the room felt very strange.

Daisie could not help but ask, “Colton, Freyja, are you all right?”

“We‘re fine!” The two responded in unison, looked at each other, and quickly turned their heads away.

Daisie was puzzled.

Colton changed the subject immediately. “Aren‘t those people watching us?”

Nollace stood in front of the French window and turned sideways slowly. “No, and I‘ve arranged for som
eone to keep an eye on us from the shadows. Even if they make a move on us, we‘ll be prepared.”

Colton asked, “Who are those men?”

He replied, “The mole that Ken placed beside Donald back when he was still alive.”

Freyja was startled but did not utter a single word.

Nollace came over and speculated , “He‘s working alone, so I don‘t think he has the balls to make a mov

‘If no one was there
to back him up, he alone wouldn‘t dare to act so presumptuously. He even has his eyes fixed on the Gol

Colton stood up. “It‘s reasonable for
that fella to paint a bullseye on your back. You‘re the one who pulled Ken down and indirectly killed him,
Daisie too?”

Daisie looked at him.

Nollace remained silent for a long time before lifting his
head and giving off a keen gaze. “If something were to happen to Daisie, you people from
the Goldmanns would surely hold me accountable.

“If I were to fail to protect Daisie, your father would definitely not let me go. It doesn‘t
matter if I lose power or status. The Goldmanns coming for the Knowles is what they want to see.”

Colton narrowed his eyes slightly.

‘This b*stard‘s analysis sounds reasonable and legit. If something were to happen to Daisie, Dad would

‘So the other party wants to use this incident to force the Goldmanns into going after the Knowles. This s
Goldmanns would have nothing else to lose after losing a daughter.

‘But after going through so much
trouble, their objective shouldn‘t be as simple as to make Nollace lose power.’

“But what if Nollace were to die in this accident too?” Freyja‘s words attracted the gaze of everyone pres

The atmosphere in the room turned awkward in an instant.

Freyja raised her hand to stop anyone who was about to speak
up and explained, “I‘m just giving an example. What you just said is that the other party wants the Know
the case, they should only focus
on kidnapping Daisie and Daisie only. But think about it, their target has always been the both of you.”

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