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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1834

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Chapter 1834

Colton crossed his arms. “You actually have a brain and know how to use it.”

Freyja choked on her own words. “Unlike you, you‘re just all mouth!”

Nollace‘s sudden peal of laughter interrupted the atmosphere.” I‘ll definitely be fine. If their goal is the t
wo of us, then their objective is nothing more than to capture Daisie and me together, then
kill Daisie in front of me. And if I were unable to do anything to salvage that, that would anger the Gold
manns even more.”

‘Daisie is my girlfriend. Being unable to protect
my own girlfriend is the key that will make the Goldmanns furious.‘

Colton walked up to the window with a sullen
expression. “No matter how things will turn out, all we need to do now is to find out who‘s the
person behind the curtains.”

In a location not far away from the resort, a van was parked at the roadside.

The man sitting in the driver‘s seat was smoking a cigarette and staring at the entrance of the resort.

He did not take his eyes off the entrance until a young man and woman, who were wearing sunglasses
and masks, dragged their luggage to the entrance and boarded a taxi.

The man cross-checked their attire, confirmed that Nollace and

Daisie had returned, and drove quickly to catch up to the taxi.

The taxi drove toward the city.

The van behind them accelerated , chasing after the taxi until both vehicles arrived at an intersection, w
here the taxi was forced to pull over.

The three men in the van got off and knocked on the taxi‘s window. The driver lowered the window half
way and asked alertly, “What do you think you‘re doing?”

“Cut the bullsh*t and get out of the car!”

The driver was dragged out of the car by the tattooed man
and pressed against the car‘s hood. The driver had a gun pointed at his forehead and did not dare to m

The two people in the back seat also came out of the car and raised their hands cooperatively.

“Are you the Goldmanns‘ precious
daughter?” The man walked up to the woman and reached out to pull off her mask and sunglasses

Nollace warned him, “I dare you to lay a finger on her.”

The man looked at him and licked the corner of his lips. “Mr. Knowles, you can‘t even protect yourself n
ow, and you‘re still acting all nosy.”

After pulling off her mask and sunglasses, the man was stunned when he saw the woman in front of hi
m. “Why is it you!?”

Freyja smiled. “Hi, we meet again.”

completing the mission. She asked us to make a move on you and the daughter of the Goldmanns, and
… And we must make sure that the girl dies right in front of your very eyes.”

Nollace and Colton exchanged gazes.

‘This matches with what we speculated. As long as Daisie dies right under Nollace‘s nose, the Goldma
nns will never let him go.

‘Zenovia‘s plan will not only get rid of Daisie but also retaliate against Nollace through the Goldmanns. I
t‘s conceivable that this woman is even more scheming than Lisa.’

At Rocky‘s private villa…

Two people sat in the courtyard and enjoyed afternoon tea comfortably.

Zenovia stared at the black tea in the cup. “I‘m afraid that their vacation date will turn into a horror movie

Rocky smirked. “Aren‘t you worried? That kid from the Knowles might not just sit idly and watch the
daughter of the Goldmanns


She placed the teacup down and raised her gaze. “I‘ll admit that Nollace is very smart, but he‘s made hi

“Even if they‘re lucky enough to escape that, I won‘t let them return to the city safe and sound.”

“He is a man of means and has a very high IQ, and I‘ll even admit that he‘s a magnificent man. But no m

‘Ever since he told me that his bottom line is Daisie Vanderbilt, he exposed his weakness.

‘They only care about themselves at the resort. How would they know that danger is coming their way?‘

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