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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1838

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Chapter 1838

Zenovia was waiting for news and made a few phone calls, but none of them went through.

She sat on the couch with a pit in her stomach.

Suddenly, the door opened, and the server came in. Zenovia stood up and wanted to say something bu
t saw Diana showing up with some men, so her expression changed. “Mrs. Knwoles?”

Her guards went up after seeing the people. “What‘s the meaning of this?”

Diana sat on the couch and said, “You don‘t need to ask me what you‘ve done.”

Zenovia tried hard to remain calm. ‘Did she find out?

“And the calls that never went through, were they caught!?‘

Zenovia tried to remain calm. “I know you have a bone to pick with me, but I don‘t know what I‘ve done
to make you so hostile toward me.”

“Why are you so annoying ? Aren‘t you self–
conscious ?” Diana stood up and went straight to the point. “You think your plans would work by putting
my daughter–in–law in danger to force my son to compromise? You‘re pathetic.”

Zenovia shook with anger. “I‘m pathetic? Nollace tried to get to my family first, so
what if I did anything to him!?”

Diana gave her a tight slap which made her face turn. It left a

red mark in the shape of a hand.

Zenovia touched her face and looked at her in shock.

“You slapped me!”

“You asked for it. Do you think my son is going to let your family walk over us, Knowles?”

Diana continued confidently. “Even though I married into the Knowles family, I have the royal family of Y
aramorr behind me. You‘re just a foreign guest causing trouble in our country and bringing harm to a ro
yal. Let‘s see if your family will save you from that crime.”

A few police officers walked in, and Zenovia‘s expression changed. “You dare touch me? Don‘t forget th
at the Livingstons are descendants of the royals in Haniston. Are you trying to start a war?”

Diana laughed. “Yes, the Livingstons are descendants of royals, but Haniston isn‘t a monarchy, so your
family is at most high society. Can you take over the affairs of the country?”

Zenovia froze on the spot because her hopes had shattered.

The Livingstons were descendants of the royals, but they were no longer in power in Haniston. They co
uld no longer be called royals and could only ride on their ancestors‘ coattails.

However, what the Livingstons had
more than others was money. In her country, she would be able to enjoy glamorous


However, all was lost now.

Her father was in prison and wouldn‘t be released, while her uncle held all the power, so she would have

The officers took her away.

A group of reporters waited outside the hotel. Once
they saw the police bringing Zenovia out, they rushed forward. “Ms. Livingston, we heard that you were

Zenovia avoided the cameras because she looked terrible with handcuffs on.

News about Zenovia‘s arrest spread like wildfire on
the Internet. Even the media in Haniston were rushing to be the first to report about it.

Zenovia was already a popular subject because of her father‘s case, and now that she was arrested, the

Xavi Livingston held a press conference and announced they would not accept people slandering their f

Xavi didn‘t cover up for his brother, so he wouldn‘t do that for his niece either. The netizens took stands

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