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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1843

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Chapter 1843 Daisie buried herself in Nollace‘s chest
and clutched at his clothes. “You need to promise me. Promise me that you won’t fall
in love with another woman.”

A laugh spilled from Nollace‘s throat as he said, “I‘ll not fall in love with anyone other than you, Daisie. Y
ou can have my word.”

He looked toward the corner, and his gaze turned grim.

He couldn‘t promise Daisie a good future since he hadn‘t gotten rid of Donald yet.

Therefore , rather than letting Daisie stay by his side, it would be better for him to clear all
the obstacles and bring the Knowles back to their feet first. When that happened , he would be able
to go see her with his head held high.

A week later, at the Hilton Villas…

Daisie submitted her graduation application to the college, she had been at home these days preparing
her resume for management companies.

Waylon made a cup of coffee, brought it to the study room, and
put it on the table. He glanced across the monitor and said, “Why don’t you return
to Royal Crown? Our family owns it, so it‘ll be easier for you.”

“Nah, I‘ll pass on that,” said Daisie. “Royal Crown is too familiar with us. Zestar belongs to Uncle Hector
. I don‘t want any special
treatment. Therefore, I decided to go to Tenet Media which isn‘t related to our family.”

Waylon frowned. “Tenet Media?”

Tenet Media was a new management company. It was slightly inferior to either Royal
Crown or Zestar in Bassburgh.

Although it was a rather new company, it had a pretty good development in the past few years. The am
of investment in film and television took up 20%. The competition in Royal Crown and Zestar was great
er than that of Tenet Media. In other words, they needed to fight for resources.

Due to their relationship with Royal Crown and Zestar, people might think they were opening the back d
oor for Daisie if she were to join either of the companies.

Besides , what Tenet Media lacked wasn‘t resources but outstanding artists. Therefore, it was a better c
hoice for Daisie to enter Tenet Media.

In the next few days, Daisie received a call from
her country. It was a call from Tenet Media, and they told her that her application had been accepted. Af
ter all, Daisie was considered a high achiever in the Drama, Theatre ,

and Film course
of Victoria Business College. She would be accepted no matter what companies she applied to. After
that, Daisie updated her Facebook.

#See you back at home.#

Roughly after half an hour she updated her Facebook, her fans began to comment on the post below.

Waylon was making lunch downstairs. After she came

down, he set up the table. It seemed to him that she was in
a good mood, so he said, “Let me guess. You‘ve been accepted?”

She picked up a sandwich and said, “Of course. I‘m the best.”

Waylon chuckled and ruffled her hair. “I know you’re the best.”

“Oh yeah, brother.” As if she remembered something , she raised her head. “If we‘re going back, does it
mean that we have to stop renting this place?”

She had been staying here for a long time. She was familiar with the house, so she was kind of
reluctant to leave it.

“I bought it.”

Daisie was stunned. “What!?”

Waylon poured her a cup of milk and continued. “We can

stay here if we want to come back in the future. Besides,

this is a good location. Even if we don‘t want it anymore after we buy it, we can sell it off. The price of the
have the highest value as the economy changes. In any case, it‘s a good investment.”

Daisie was tongue–tied. Her brothers were as smart as their father.

“Have you told Nollace that you‘re going back home?” he asked.

Daisie nodded and smiled. “I have faith in Nolly. He‘ll come to look for me after he has settled everything

Waylon looked at her and fell silent.

Meanwhile, at the Knowles mansion…

When Diana learned that
Daisie would return to her country, she asked in surprise , “Nollace , are you really
going to let her return to her country? Are you not worried that she will run away?”

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