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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1853

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Chapter 1853 Daisie smiled and said, “That won‘t happen. I believe


At Yaramoor, at the Victoria Business College…

Colton stood in the corridor and crossed his arms while playing with his malachite compass necklace.

“Cole.” The spiky–haired friend walked over and
rested his arms on his shoulder. “Aren‘t we going to eat together?” Right after saying that, he saw the n
ecklace in Colton‘s hand and exclaimed, “Wow! Accessory from CD. Is that for a girl?”

Colton put the necklace away and said with no change in expression, “For my sister.”

The friend smiled. “Sure. By the way, what happened to your pretty groupie?”

Colton frowned. “Why do you want to know?”

“Why are you nervous? I was just asking. Doesn‘t she usually follow you around? I haven‘t seen her re
cently. Wasn‘t she chasing you?”

That made Colton feel awkward.


His friends didn‘t know about his ‘bet‘ with Freyja, and when Freyja
met him previously, it was mostly because

he requested it. It wasn‘t about chasing. The friend was shocked, “Why would she buy things for you
if she wasn‘t chasing you? You got free food and drinks and a free runner?” He had a wager with his ot

her friends that Freyja was chasing Colton, and they were betting on how long it would
take her to succeed.

Colton didn‘t speak but turned and left.

The spiky–haired friend followed along. “Hey, aren‘t we going for food?”

That evening…

Freyja got a text from Daisie while she was leaving the college.

Daisie: (Have you had dinner? I‘m getting ready to sleep


That came with a crying emoji. It looked like her.

Freyja smiled and replied: (Rest early.)

Someone suddenly
approached her when she turned around, making her forehead bump into that person‘s


Before Freyja could react, Colton rubbed his lips that were hit by her head. It hurt
so much that his skin almost

broke. “Watch where you‘re going.”
“You should take your advice.” Freyja frowned while rubbing her forehead. He wasn‘t the only one hurti
ng. Her head wasn‘t made of steel, after all. Colton laughed. “Did you do that on purpose?”

She looked up and asked, “What?”

Colton crossed his arms and raised his brows. “You bumped into me
when you saw me. Playing hard to get?”

Freyja chuckled. “Do you think that you‘re funny, Colton? Might as well say that I‘m seducing you.”

If she was playing hard to get, then he might as well say she was seducing him.

Colton stopped smiling as an image flashed across his mind, and he looked away. “With
your… figure?”

He wanted to say that she was gifted but not in brains. Freyja
paused and remembered what had happened on the island.

The air immediately froze.

Her expression was awkward, and she couldn‘t stay there any longer. “I‘m going to leave.”.

She walked to the road and hailed a cab.

Colton stood on the spot until the cab drove away, his

mind in a mess. He took out the necklace, thinking he must have gone crazy when he bought it.

Back at Bassburgh, at Tenet Media…

In the manager‘s office, Charlie placed the script in front of Daisie, poured a cup of coffee,
and sat across from her. “There‘s a spot for a supporting actress in Benny Crawford‘s new movie. The a
storyline , and the other for the supporting actress.

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