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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1852

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Chapter 1852 After becoming
famous , James was caught in a bar fight by the paparazzi, and he lost 500,000 followers in a night.

Charlie had spent a year building his image, but James was a disappointment. That was why he was

Daisie was different from James. She was a Goldmann and had a much higher net worth than James.

Rejecting her like that was equivalent to digging his own grave.

Mr. Gray was thinking about how to diffuse the situation, but instead of being angry, Daisie smiled. “You
don‘t know me.
You think that I‘m like James just because of who I am and won‘t even give me a chance. How could yo
u already decide that I’m just here for fun?”

Charlie finally looked at her.

That girl looked much better than that rascal James. Charlie sat up straight and said, “Tell
me, why did you choose Tenet when you could go with Royal Crown and Zestar?”

She replied, “I wanted to start from the bottom again, and I
didn‘t want to use my family ties. I‘m too close to Royal Crown and Zestar. I don‘t need special

Charlie knocked his knuckle on the desk and scoffed

he heard the words ‘special treatment”. “You‘re starting from the bottom, yet the chairman gave you a t
op –grade contract. Isn‘t that special treatment?”

“That was the chairman‘s decision. I didn‘t ask him for that.”

Charlie stood up and waved his hand. “Leave. I won‘t take you.” He was adamant in his decision.

Mr. Gray was anxious. “Mr. Johnson, the chairman—” Charlie
cut him off. “I‘ll speak to him about this.” It was obvious he wouldn‘t even consider it.

Daisie balled up her fist. She could always choose to get another manager if he refused to work with he
r, but she didn‘t want to do that. Her instinct told her that Charlie was the best choice:

“Mr. Johnson.” Daisie stood in front of him and
said confidently, “You could try to work with me for a month. After that, I‘ll leave if you‘re still unhappy.”

Charlie was startled and looked at her with surprise.

She looked determined and clean–cut, unlike the other arrogant socialites. He knew who Daisie was.

The daughter of the famous Nolan Goldmann from Bassburgh, the Goldmann princess who
was a child actor and worked with Helios Boucher. She had experience with acting, and unlike James,
she had potential.

He didn‘t want to work with her because of who she was. The Goldmanns were much more
influential than the Tells, and even though he wasn‘t afraid of them, he didn‘t want trouble.

Daisie also couldn‘t take the heat. Actors had to get down and dirty–
it wasn‘t just about taking pictures and getting stunt doubles.

If she couldn‘t do that, it would be a waste of time and resources that could be used on better
actors. He didn‘t want that.

Charlie had said all that so she would give up because rich
girls tended to leave in anger when they heard what he said. Unexpectedly, Daisie fought back.

When Daisie saw that he was thinking, possibly considering, she continued. “One month isn‘t that
long, but I won‘t let you down.”

He smiled and looked into her eyes, “One month it is. After that, you leave if I’m not satisfied.”

Daisie smiled. “Deal.”

Daisie and Mr. Gray left the office.

Mr. Gray put his hand on his chest because his heart
was almost jumping out of his throat. “I’m so sorry, Ms. Vanderbilt, that‘s what Mr. Johnson is like. Pleas

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