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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1854

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Chapter 1854 Before Daisie spoke, Charlie raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “The chairman said
you requested to pick your own scripts, but that wasn‘t related to me. You have probation. If you can
land this role in a month, I‘ll accept


“Is it hard to get the role?” asked Daisie.

Charlie chuckled and slowly took a sip of his coffee. “Take a look at it.”

Daisie skimmed through the storyline
and the character settings. The character was a woman from the demon tribe. She was an antagonist a
nd had two personalities, which meant she had a personality disorder.

There was a need to train on the character‘s personality. The character
was strong in sorcery and martial arts, so there were a lot of fight scenes.

Not only
would she need to be hanging with wires, but she would also need to fight in the water. It was obvious t
hat it wouldn‘t be easy to carry the character perfectly.

Most A–
listers would get a stunt double for the difficult action scenes, but Charlie would not allow her to get a d
ouble and wanted her to take this character.

Charlie put down his cup when he saw her hesitating.“

Actresses from Royal Crown and Zestar will also be auditioning for this character. I‘ve provided an opp
ortunity, so it‘s up to you if you can get it or not. You have a month to prepare for
it. Naturally, you can always give up.” Daisie looked up and stated, “I will get it.”

Charlie stood up. “Don‘t be too arrogant. Benny Crawford is very critical when
it comes to his movies. You need to train on your fight scenes and acting.”

Daisie left the office with the script, then stood in front of
the elevator. After the door opened, James walked out with his hands in his pockets.

He wore a gold pair of glasses with chains, had messy hair, and seemingly had eyeliner on.
His pretty eyes looked extra foxy.

He had a pink jacket on. Even though pink usually looked innocent, it looked seductive on him.

“Yo.” He adjusted his glasses, stopped in front
of Daisie, and looked at the script in her arms. “You‘ve got a script already? Charlie is rushing this.”

Daisie smiled sweetly. “It‘s a chance that Mr. Johnson gave me to train my acting skills.”

“Training acting skills?” James clicked his tongue. “He‘s obviously torturing you.”

After saying that, he looked around, leaned in, and

lowered his voice. “Listen, Chuck is the devil himself. Everyone gets to use a double, but nobody
who works with him gets that. You don‘t know how tough acting is.”

Daisie felt awkward that he was complaining to her.“ Acting has always been tough.”

“You‘re crazy, aren‘t you? You could enjoy being Ms. Goldmann, yet you‘re in this industry?”

James looked at her and didn‘t understand. “If it
weren‘t because my dad forced me to, I would rather go back and take over the family business instead

Charlie was standing at the door of the office, glaring at him.

James smiled and walked over. “I’m just welcoming the new colleague.” Charlie didn‘t
want to listen to him. “What happened to your letter of apology?”

“It‘s done. I‘ve brought it
over for you to see.” James put his arms around Charlie‘s shoulder and flashed a sheepish smile. “Let‘s
at it inside.”

Charlie slapped his hand away and glared
at him as a warning before turning to look at Daisie with no expression. “Why are you still there? Get rea

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