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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1859

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Chapter 1859 Daisie lowered her head. “Yeah. I‘m nervous.”

walked up to her and put her hand on her shoulder.“ Don‘t be nervous. Just treat it as your normal pract
ice session. When you‘re in there, don‘t always think that you want to succeed. The higher expectation
s you have, the more pressure you‘ll feel, and having pressure will affect your performance.”

Daisie looked at her.

Amy was indeed a very experienced actress. Daisie had calmed down a
bit after listening to what she said.

She smiled and said, “Thank you so much, Ames.”

Amy smiled. “We‘re from the same company, and we both are working under Charlie. You don‘t have to


Soon, it was Daisie‘s turn for the audition. Daisie bade her goodbye and left with the staff.

The audition was held in a studio the size of a basketball court. Many
artists‘ profiles were on the table, including some of their photos. Daisie presumed that
the man who seemed to be over 50
years old sitting in front of the machine was Benny. After changing into
her costume , she walked under the

spotlight. The scriptwriter on the side held his chin and whispered something into Benny‘s ear. Benny
raised his head and said, “Stand in front of the camera.”

Daisie did as she
was told. Benny studied her for a while and frowned. “Girl, your eyes are far too pure. It doesn’t match t
he original setting of the Dragon Lady. Have you read the script?”

The Dragon Lady had a complicated setting. Her eyes were filled
with ambition, but Daisie‘s eyes were too pure and innocent. Benny
couldn‘t see any hint of ambition in them at all.


Daisie clutched her hand tightly without saying anything.

The scriptwriter thought she was getting herself ready, but Daisie
still did not say anything after he had waited for a long while. “Miss, are you going to audition for the rol
e or not? If you‘re giving up
your chance, we‘ll move on to the next candidate. There are many people, and we don‘t have time to w

However, Daisie still did not say anything in return and just stood there.

The scriptwriter became impatient and rose to his feet.“ What is wrong with you? Did you
not hear what I‘m


Every crew member in the scene could feel the tension in

the air. However , Benny was staring at the camera and fell into thought

The scriptwriter thought Daisie was here for fun. He walked over to her
and said, “You‘re a newcomer, right? Do you know the rules here? If you‘re giving up, then get out of he

Just when the scriptwriter was about to
chase her away, Daisie lifted her eyes and said, “Who do you think you are? Did I give you permission to

scriptwriter was stunned for a moment. Just when he was about to lash out at Daisie, he realized that sh

Her eyes were too pure. They did not look intimidating at all, and they had no ambition.

However, right now, her gaze was filled with arrogance and contempt. Besides, she could deliver those
lines very well and bring out the Dragon Lady‘s high–and–
mighty character. Benny suddenly chuckled. “Not bad, girl. It seems like
we were wrong about you.” Daisie smiled and said, “I‘m sorry for making you wait so long.”

Benny looked at her and asked, “What do you think about the Dragon Lady?”

“I‘ve gone through the character, and in my
opinion, the Dragon Lady isn‘t bad. She‘s just forced by the circumstances.” “I see,” replied Benny. “Can
elaborate more on that?” Daisie took a deep breath and
said slowly, “The Dragon Lady is the last demon lord. She knows that the heavens‘ machinations cause
from grace to their demise. It‘s because she’s a demon that no
one wants to accept her. She treats everyone who wants to take her life as evil, even though they repres
forms another extreme personality.”

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