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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1863

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Chapter 1863 Daisie was momentarily stunned before she stepped forward. “Mr. Johnson, but I didn‘t g
et the role of Dragon Lady…”

“I didn‘t really expect you to get it.” Charlie crossed his arms and leaned against the back of the chair. “
The reason you lost that role is that on the day of the audition, you looked at the role from a bystander‘
s perspective and didn‘t put yourself into the shoes of the Dragon Lady.

“The Dragon Lady isn‘t as sad of a character as you think she is. Even if the heavens have done somet
hing wrong, the Dragon Lady shouldn‘t have indiscriminately killed innocent people because she‘s agai
nst the destiny that was arranged for her by the heavens.”

Daisie paused.

‘In the plot, when the Dragon Lady eradicated the sect, many disciples of the sect, who were innocent,
were dragged into the catastrophic tragedy.

“The disciples of the sect believed in the way of the heavens, and they killed demons. It was the heave
ns that had done the Dragon Lady wrong, but in the end, it was the disciples of the sect who took the
blame. The heavens eliminated the Dragon tribe, not the sect.

‘However, I only saw that she was against the heavens, and she eradicated the sect to avoid being kille
d, but I neglected the fact that the innocent people killed by the Dragon Lady were just blades that the h
eavens used to kill demons.

Daisie lowered her head. She finally knew why she lost during the audition.

Maybe it was because I shared her opinion about the
Dragon Lady on the day of the audition. I didn‘t regard myself as the Dragon Lady but portrayed her usi
ng the perspective of a bystander. That‘s a common mistake that all actors will make once in a while.‘

Charlie handed the script to her. “Take this with you, then go back and think about the new role. Perhap
s the threshold of Benny‘s project was too high for you. It‘s not a bad thing that you lost that role.”

Daisie took the script
from him and lifted her head. “Does this mean you‘ll continue managing my career for me?”

“Nonsense, I only wanted to see just how good you are. Judging from how hard you worked during that
time, I‘ll take you in reluctantly.”

As soon as he said that, Charlie waved his hand. “Now


“Thank you.” Daisie thanked Charlie with a smile and left the office with the script in her hands.

On the other side of the company, in the lounge…

Amy was sitting in the dressing room reading the script. Several other artists envied her for securing he
rself a role in Benny‘s project.

A female artist walked in at this moment. “Ames.”

She came to Amy and whispered, “I heard something.”

Amy stopped applying her lipstick and looked in the mirror. “What‘s the matter?”

“Didn‘t Mr. Johnson say that he won‘t be taking Ms. Vanderbilt in as
long as she doesn‘t get the role?” The female artist continued with a look of incomprehension.” But I jus
t came over from the management department and asked my friends who work there. They claimed tha
t Mr. Johnson will not only take her in but has even chosen a new script for her.” Amy was not surprised

as she screwed her lipstick back into the tube. “Isn‘t this normal? She‘s actually pretty good at what sh
e does, and Charlie treats all qualified newcomers kindly.”

The female artist whispered, “Even if she didn‘t get a supporting role in Benny‘s play, now she‘s gotten
a leading role. When you first joined the company under Charlie, all you had done back then was acting
in dramas and films, but all you had were supporting roles…”

Did that mean that Daisie had secured herself a script in

which she would act as the main lead because she had lost the supporting role in Benny‘s project?

Amy fell silent for a moment.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant…

Daisie had dinner with her godfather. Helios knew that she had lost the role of the Dragon Lady in a proj

She bit her fork and replied, “I thought he wouldn‘t take me in if I didn‘t get that role. I really didn‘t expec


Helios looked at her.
“Although Charlie‘s temper is a little weird from time to time, he‘s truly a great manager. Just look at how
tier artist. If you follow him around and manage to learn everything you can from him, you‘ll definitely imp

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