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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1865

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Chapter 1865

Colton leaned against the head of the bed and said nonchalantly , “That‘s true. After all, when we were
on the island, you didn‘t feel ashamed when you were making that sound.”

Freyja turned around, glared at him, and laughed out of anger. “Colton Goldmann, how are you so impr
essed by what happened that night? Have you been thinking about it every night when you can‘t sleep i
n the middle of the night?”

He frowned. “What horse cr*p do you think you‘re blabbering about?”

“Then why would you bring that night up?” Freyja leaned over and glanced at
him with an indifferent smirk on her face. “If it‘s
to humiliate me for having no sense of shame, then I‘ll admit to that. Believe it or not, I‘ll even pull your
pants off if I have to.”

‘Doesn‘t he think I am shameless? Then I‘ll show him just how shameless I can be.

“It‘ll be best if he drives me
away and never wants to see me again in his life. In short, I‘ve had enough!‘

Colton grasped her hand abruptly, and she was startled.

He then placed her hand on the upper hem of his trousers

and stared at her with an unchanged expression. “Then why not give it a try?”

The expression on Freyja‘s face gradually froze. “You —”

He scoffed. “Didn‘t you say you‘re going to pull my pants off? I‘ll allow you to do it, but do you have the
guts to do so?”

She tried to break her hand free but failed. “Colton Goldmann, I‘ll scream if you don‘t let me go!” “I dare
you to do so.”


Before she could finish the sentence , Freyja had already lost her balance due to a sudden jerk and thr
ew herself onto his chest. And Colton‘s
back hit the headboard, creating a huge commotion from inside the ward.

The nurse heard the noise and pushed the door in. “What happen”

Seeing the scene in front of her, the nurse was stunned.

At that moment, Freyja was lying on top of Colton, with her hands propped against his chest, while Colt
on had his arms raised and resting beside the pillow, and his clothes were disheveled, looking extremel
y passive. Freyja quickly got up from his body and explained, “Miss, it‘s not what you think–” Colton inte
rrupted her calmly. “Miss, you should‘ve seen

that she‘s molesting me, a patient.”

Freyja inhaled sharply, turned around, and glared at Colton. “You…”

Colton buttoned his clothes casually and let out a sigh.” You were about to take my pants off. I‘m a pati
ent. I‘m not in the condition to fight back.”

Freyja was exasperated. “Colton Goldmann, how dare you twist the right with the wrong. You‘re clearly,

“Miss.” The nurse interrupted her with a smile. “Your boyfriend is still hospitalized . If there‘s any issue ,
you should solve it when your boyfriend recovers.”

“He is not–”

Before Freyja could finish explaining herself, the nurse had already left.


Colton gave off a hint of pride through his expression.” Gotcha.”

Freyja immediately slammed the door and left.


Waylon ran into Freyja in the corridor , and when he saw that she did not even see him because of how

He pushed open the door of the ward. “You‘re already lying on a hospital bed, and you still can‘t stop an

“Waylon, why are you here?”

“Daisie told me about this.”

Colton clicked his tongue and pointed out that Freyja was the one who
sold him out. “She‘s the one who did this to me, and she has the nerve to tell Daisie about it.”

Waylon pulled out the chair and sat down. “With that level of vigilance of yours, how can others hurt you
wanted to avoid all this, the person who rolled down the stairs wouldn‘t have been you.”

He knew his younger brother too well. Colton had never been a careless person unless it was to
protect someone. That was why he could not avoid hurting himself.

Colton did not say anything. It was not his first time provoking Freyja. It was just that he
did not expect her to react in such a way.

At the head of the stairs, she had not even thought about whether she would fall and insisted on breakin

Waylon‘s smirk intensified. “Aren‘t you going to ask her to pay for your medical expenses?”

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