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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1874

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Chapter 1874 Colton suddenly let out a chuckle , but he soon regained his former self. “Do you really w
ant me to return your phone so much?”

“Yes! Give me back my phone! Hurry!”

“You want it now?”

Freyja couldn‘t think straight right now due to the alcohol. She replied, “Yes!”

Colton hung up the call, and Freyja was stunned for a moment, seemingly unable to believe that Colton
really had hung up on her. She called him again in a fit of rage, but Colton did not
answer her call anymore. She dragged the telephone wire, causing the telephone to fall to the carpet. T
hen, she threw herself onto the couch and mumbled, “B*stard, why did you kiss me…”

Colton stopped the car outside the courtyard. He looked outside through the window and realized that t
he light in the living room was still on.

He came down from the car, walked up to the door, and pressed the bell.

Freyja could roughly hear the ring of the doorbell. She climbed up with a dizzy head and dragged herse
lf to the door. “Who is it?”

Freyja opened the door and
leaned against it. Her vision was blurry, and a figure slowly appeared in her eyes as time passed. Colto
n could smell the uninviting odor of alcohol on Freyja , and he frowned . “You drank
yourself down and disturbed me in the middle of the night just to get your broken phone
back?” “Colton?” Freyja squinted, and it was only then she could barely see his face.

She stretched her arm forward and said, “My phone.”

Colton squeezed himself into her house, and Freyja tugged at his arm. “You can‘t come into my
house. Give me back my—”

She was tripped by the floor mat in front of the door and fell
to the floor. Since she was clutching tightly at Colton‘s jacket, she pulled it off halfway.

Colton sighed and took off his jacket while squatting down. He carried her
into his arms and said, “It seems to me that not only do you want to take
off my pants, but now you also want to take off my clothes.”

Freyja coiled
her arms around his neck when she was in the air and narrowed her eyes to look at him. She
did not know if she was having a hallucination , but Colton‘s profile looked a lot gentler than he used to
be under the light.

He carried Freyja upstairs and put her on her bed.

Freyja clutched at his clothes and said, “My phone.”

Colton lowered his head to look at her. Suddenly, he thought of something and placed his hands
on the side of the bed. He went closer to her
and said, “You want your phone? Sure, I‘ll give it back to you if you kiss me.”

Freyja was stunned. She looked at the lips only an inch away from her and replied, “You promise you‘ll
give it back to me if I kiss you?”

Narrowing his eyes, Colton chuckled, “Who knows?”

She had lost much of her thinking capacity due to the alcohol. She cupped her hands on his cheeks, rai
sed her head, and kissed him.

Colton was stunned for a moment, and his hands at the edge of the bed tightened. After a short while,
he took control of the kiss, held the back of her head in his palm, and deepened the kiss.

Both of them kissed each other passionately. Colton was losing himself in the sensation of her lips agai
nst his. He tried to deepen the kiss again, and he wanted more.

He secured her tightly in his arms and trailed his lips down to her neck.

Freyja‘s chest was heaving up and down heavily. His
breathing was so hot that it seemed to melt her, and she

finally regained some of her senses. “Colton…” Colton kissed her again.

Her vision turned blurry. She moved her arms from his shoulder to his back and hugged him tightly.

Daisie had been working tirelessly , filming a drama for the past half a month. She no longer accepted a

Many people thought she was joking when she said she was going
to get the Best Actress award in three years. Some Internet trolls even mocked her, saying she was goin

However, no matter how much doubt there was out there, it couldn‘t affect Daisie.


The filming of the drama lasted for eight months, but Daisie had finished her part in the sixth month.

It was New Year‘s Eve tonight. Tenet Media held an early annual dinner for the company‘s artists. Almos
artists, executives, and agents were at the banquet.

Charlie led Daisie around to familiarize herself with some of the seniors in the
company. A senior chuckled and said, “You signed a contract with Tenet Media not long ago, and you’ve

spent half the year filming a drama. It looks like you‘re preparing yourself for the Best Actress award.”

Daisie smiled. “This is the first time I‘ve taken on the female
lead role. Besides, I can learn more by staying with the crew.”

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