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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1877

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Chapter 1877 Daisie parked her car on the roadside and called Freyja until the car door was opened fr
om the outside. Daisie stared at the woman who got into the car and
sat in the front passenger seat. “You…”

“I‘ve only changed my hairstyle , and you already can‘t recognize me?” Freyja took off her sunglasses.

Daisie smiled instantly. “You actually got your hair permed?”

Now that she had the chance to take a better look at her, the curly hair
suited Freyja more than the black, long, and straight hair that she used to have.

It was not an exaggerated curl, but it gave off a gentle, mature, and wild temperament.

The car drove slowly on the road, and Daisie chatted about a lot of things with her. During this period, t
here were times when she deliberately brought up Colton and realized
that Freyja‘s expression would freeze and that she would look away. “Really? Did
he take over the company? Good for him.” Daisie glanced at her. “Freyja, did something happen to you
and Colton?”

Her expression was a little stiff. “No, what in the world

could have happened? You should know what our relationship looks
like.” Soon, she changed the subject. “By the way, didn‘t Nollace come looking for you? He already too
k over Tenet Media as one of its major shareholders a month ago.”

Daisie suddenly stopped the car on the roadside and looked at her in surprise. “What?!”

At Tenet Media…

Daisie went straight to the administrative office, and she saw a familiar figure in the corridor. It was Edis

Edison‘s presence could only mean that Nollace was also there.

‘Freyja really didn‘t lie!‘

Seeing her, Edison smiled and nodded. “Ms. Vanderbilt , it‘s been a long time.”

Daisie lifted her gaze, glanced through the glass, and stared into the office. The man sitting across fro
m the chairman looked extremely dignified and elegant.

The dark blue suit emphasized his wide shoulders and well–
built back, his side profile looked breathtaking, and his gaze looked as profound as usual, while they w
ere coupled with the long eyelashes, thick eyebrows, and straight nose bridge. The
man just sat there like a delicate sculpture.

Edison opened the door, and the
chairman stood up with a smile. “Daisie , you‘re here. Allow me to introduce you. This is our new share
holder, Mr. Knowles.”

Nollace put down the teacup, his eyes were fixed on her, and a hint of faint hilarity flashed across his p
ale pupils.

Daisie was exasperated but wanted to chuckle at the same time.

She was angry because he had been to Bassburgh for so long, and yet he did not get in touch with her.
He even kept it a secret from her.

She snorted lightly and crossed her arms. “Mr. Knowles, you do have
your hands in all sorts of business, huh? Nowadays, you‘ve even extended your claws into showbiz, hu


The chairman was stunned and could not help but stare at the two of them. “Do you know each other?”

Nollace stood up calmly and gave off a faint smirk. “Ms. Vanderbilt and I
have a very close relationship.”

The chairman returned to his senses. “I see.”

Suddenly, the chairman‘s cell phone rang, and he looked at Daisie. “Daisie, something just came up. Si
nce you‘re rather close with Mr. Knowles, please help me keep Mr. Knowles entertained for now, and pl
ease don‘t neglect him while I‘m away.”

The chairman then left the office.

Only Daisie and Nollace were left in the office at this moment.

Daisie turned her face away and ignored him.

Nollace chuckled suddenly and stopped in front of her. “I haven‘t seen you for three
years, and you‘re already the best actress in Zlokova.”

She snorted softly. “I too haven‘t seen you for three years, and you‘ve become my boss.”

He took her into his arms and
approached her. “Actually, what I want more is for you to become my wife.”

Daisie lifted her gaze. “Why did you hide it from me?”

He rubbed the tip of her nose. “I wanted to surprise you.”

Daisie smacked his hand, raised her eyebrows, and sneered. “You‘ve
come here for a month and didn‘t even contact me for once throughout this whole time, and you’ve beco
instant just because you want to surprise me?”

Nollace hugged her in his arms and smirked. “Do you want to be this calculative with me?”

He pecked her on the corner of her eye and lowered
his voice. “Then I‘ll admit my mistake now. This is all my fault, so how do you want to punish me?

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