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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1887

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Chapter 1887 Susan‘s expression was subtly dark. They were that far off already?

Daisie glared at James. “Why are you showing off? When are you getting the Best Actor award for Cha

He turned away. “I‘m not interested in that. I‘m just here to pass the time.”

Daisie‘s lips curled as she said, “You‘re addicted to being useless?”

“Ms. Vanderbilt , how could you say that about James?” Susan quietly spoke up for him. “It‘s not his fau
lt that he‘s not talented. I believe that he has already done his best.”

If she spoke up for him, he might feel thankful . See? I am the only one who really understands him.‘

Daisie looked at Susan, with whom she hadn‘t worked much since joining the
team. Her character hadn‘t shown up in the movie yet.

Daisie was having a normal conversation with James, but it
seemed like she was looking down on him in Susan‘s eyes.

Before Daisie spoke, James‘ expression changed. “I‘m speaking to Daisie. Why are you interfering?”

Susan was stunned. “James—”

“And you said that I‘m not talented ? Tsk! I just want to pass my time. If I was really serious about it, get
ting the Best Actor award would just be a matter of time.”

He crossed his arms in disgust. He was familiar with Daisie, so it was acceptable for her to call him use
less. However, he wouldn‘t be very happy if someone he didn‘t know well called him useless.

Susan‘s knee jerked. Daisie had called him useless, but she was the one who offended him by defendi
ng him!?

Daisie patted his shoulder. “If Charlie saw you now, he would probably shed a tear of pride.”

“But I still want to be useless.” He turned away and said, “It‘s nice that way.”

At least, he thought that it was.

Susan gnashed her teeth, watching how happily they were interacting

Her crush must have been blinded by Daisie. She couldn‘t let that go on!

Susan found an excuse and left. Daisie watched her walk away and asked, “Is she a fan of yours?”

James waved his hand. “Fan? We‘re not close. We‘ve just worked together during a show. She‘s weird.

Freyja quickly got to the filming location. Daisie was holding a huge parasol standing under the sun and
reading the script. The makeup artist was helping her touch up her makeup.

“Daisie.” Freyja walked to her and took the parasol over.“ You can focus on the script. I‘ll hold this for yo

Daisie looked at the light–colored scarf around her neck and asked, “Don‘t you feel hot?”

Freyja paused and touched the
scarf while avoiding eye contact. “Not at all. The collar is a little low, so it feels weird not to have someth

Daisie was curious because her collar was just under her collarbone. That wasn‘t low.

The filming started, so the actors and crew got into position.

Freyja stood and watched from the side. Daisie was born to be an actress because she was able to port

Even if she was acting alongside more experienced actors, she was able to handle it well. The
next scene involved the female lead getting whipped by the male lead because she didn‘t finish her miss

The crew helped add some padding to Daisie‘s back.

The whip was real, and the lead really used it.

It still made a whipping sound even with the padding on.

Even if the pain wasn‘t real, the force used was. The actor might have been too focused on his acting or
her hand.

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