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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1889

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Chapter 1889 Every actor would have to go through some scenes where they might be hit. On top of
that, she was a woman, so no matter how hard she slapped him, it wouldn’t be too bad. He was a man,
so if he couldn’t even take that, he wouldn’t be able to survive long in the industry.

Daisie’s smile was wide. “Great.”

When the filming started, Daisie slapped him, and the force made him lose balance and take a few
steps back.

Mitchell was stunned.

Daisie turned around to speak to the director. “I’m sorry, can we redo that? I was too in character and
slapped him too hard.”

Daisie then looked worried. “I’m so, so sorry, Mitch. Are you alright?” Mitchell never expected she
would be so strong. The slap made his face swell up.

He had been acting for years, and never had he been slapped so hard. That was too much!

Was she taking revenge for the whipping? No way.

He touched his face but forced a smile. “It’s fine.”

The second time Daisie put all her energy on her arm, and that slap was even harder than the previous
one. He saw stars, and half his face turned red and swelled up.

Freyja could see what was going on. Daisie may have said she didn’t mind but was actually taking

The assistant director thought it was weird, so he went to the director. “Was that too hard?”

The director said, “No. The lead is supposed to slap him because she hates him so much. There was
no way she would lightly slap him. Mitchell agreed that the slap

should be a real slap too.”

The assistant director had nothing to say because the actors had discussed the slap.

After the filming ended , Daisie walked toward Mitchell with an ice pack. She had to try really hard not
to laugh when she saw how angry he was. “Mitch.”

He smiled and stood up. “Yes?”

Daisie handed the ice pack to him and looked so sincere that even she believed it. “I’m really sorry
about that. I was so into the character, so the slaps were pretty hard. You wouldn’t blame me, would

Mitchell’s veins popped while he clenched his jaw.

But since she had given him a chance to step down and apologized, it would show that he wasn’t
graceful if he

made it into a big deal. “Of course I wouldn’t. Actors might lose control when they are too into
character. That’s very common.”

Daisie smiled sweetly. “I’m glad you could understand. I didn’t expect a man who has great acting skills
like you to be a great person too.”

spoke to him for a little longer

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