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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1888

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Chapter 1888

Daisie wasn‘t expecting that, but she didn‘t cry out loud. Her arm was burning.

She took a sharp breath while her face turned pale. Meanwhile, her shoulders were shuddering.

Nobody noticed what had happened, and she didn‘t ask them to stop.

After the director yelled cut, he stood up. “That was good. Let‘s move to the next one.”

Freyja and the crew helped Daisie up, but they seemed to have touched the hand, and she hissed.

Freyja asked, “Daisie, are you alright?”

Daisie waved her hand.

The crew removed the padding from her back.

Daisie never mentioned that her hand was whipped before going for an outfit change with Freyja.

In the changing room, Daisie removed her clothes and saw that there
was a huge bruise on her arm. The whip had hit her a few times, and half
of her arm had been numb since

Freyja came in and saw that bruise, so she rushed forward. “You were hit?”

She smiled and replied, “I‘m fine. It‘s common for actors to be hurt while filming.”

“It‘s swollen. Wait here. I‘ll get you some ice.” Freyja left the room and
asked for an ice pack from the crew.

When she walked past one of the cars, she overheard a conversation. “Mitch, you went so hard just no
w. Do you think she will suspect
anything?” A man‘s voice followed that. “What‘s there to suspect? It‘s common to get hurt during filming
. It just means I was into character.”

Freyja was stunned.

She slowed down and approached the car. When she was sure she was out of sight, she saw the male
lead actor Mitchell Santos hugging an actress.

He had the woman in his arms and was going to kiss her when she turned away and blocked his lips. “
Mitch, don‘t. What if people see us?”

“Susy, I‘ve given her some trouble, so when are you giving me my reward?”

Mitchell rubbed her palm.

Susan hid her disgust but had to look toward him.”

There‘s no need to rush. We have a lot of time. I‘m not going to let you
give her some trouble without repaying


She only cared about James Tell. Mitchell was just someone she was using against
Daisie. If it wasn‘t because he was madly in love with her and would do anything for her, Susan wouldn‘
t even take a second glance at him.

Freyja looked back and left quickly.

When she returned to the changing room, she handed the ice pack to Daisie, who applied it to her bruis
ed area. The burning pain quickly subsided.

Daisie noticed that Freyja had something to say and asked, “What‘s wrong?”

Freya looked toward the door and lowered her voice. “Do you think that the actor was just too into chara

Daisie paused. “Why do you ask?”

Freyja pulled out a chair and sat down. “When I was coming back, I saw him hugging Susan. He intentio

Daisie was silent. ‘Teaching me a lesson on Susan‘s behalf?‘

She had never done anything to Susan. Was it because she had called James a useless man?

Freyja asked, “Daisie, did you cross her?”

Daisie snapped back and suddenly chuckled. “I guess.”

She didn‘t care too much about it.

However, the next scene they were going to film was going to be when they broke
up, and she would slap the male lead.

Daisie was ready when she looked toward Mitchell.“ Should I really slap you?”

Mitchell was getting his makeup touched up. He was stunned upon hearing that, but he
smiled and said, “Of course. That would make it look real.”

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