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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1894

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Chapter 1894 Daisie wanted to rely on herself in the entertainment industry. She didn’t even allow her
family to help her.

“Yo, what a coincidence.” James’ voice rang out from the


Daisie was stunned and turned her head around. “What are you doing here?”

Even though James covered his face entirely with sunglasses and a face mask, his flamboyant outfit
still sold him out-people would know it was him at first glance. He took off his sunglasses and face
mask, grabbed a chair, and sat down. “Well, it seems like fate really likes to bring us together.” He kept
his gaze glued on Freyja while talking, and it made Freyja uncomfortable. Daisie glanced at him and
said, “Are you here to bum meals off me?”

He clicked his tongue and said matter-of-factly, “Of course, I’m here to bum meals off you.”

Freyja and Daisie fell silent.

He told the waiter to bring him a set of utensils and a

menu before turning his head to Daisie. “I heard that Mitchell was forced to apologize to you for what
he did behind your back?” “He’s not the main culprit. By the way, this has something to do with you as

After all, Susan was James’ die-hard fan.

James was stunned. “Hey, hey, hey, it wasn’t me who asked him to do that. You mustn’t push the
blame on


Daisie did not know what to say. His brain worked differently from other people, and she couldn’t keep
up with him.

James did not continue the topic anymore. He turned to Freyja and asked, “Is there anything else you
want to eat, Freyja? Feel free to order anything you like. Don’t be shy. It’s on me.”

Daisie stared at him.

Freyja did not expect James to be such a passionate young man, and it seemed to her that he was a
little bit too enthusiastic.

She forced a smile on her face and said, “Thank you, but I’m full now.”

James rested his face on his hand and smiled. “It’s okay. We can have a meal together sometime.”

Daisie narrowed her eyes.

‘Does he have a thing for Freyja?’

At that moment, a couple appeared in the restaurant and caught her attention.

The man was none other than her brother , Colton , but she had never seen the woman beside him.

Freyja followed her gaze and was stunned.

The woman beside Colton was not the kind of woman that one would not find attractive at first. Instead,
she was that kind of woman one would realize she was easy on the eyes over time.

She was pleasant to the eyes, and the more one looked at her, the more they would find she was
pretty. She had a gentle disposition, and it was apparent she came from a prestigious family.

head away, and a

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