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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1895

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Chapter 1895 James waved his hand. “Nope. I just heard of your name. But it seems like you know

Chuckling, Giselle replied, “Well, I’m pretty into the entertainment industry as well, and you’re rather
popular, Mr. Tell.”

James clicked his tongue and did not say anything anymore. He assumed she must have known him
due to his scandals, but he did not mind it.

Besides, he was not into a pretty and fragile girl like Giselle, so he did not really care how she had

about him.

Giselle turned her head around to look at Colton and asked gently, “Mr. Goldmann, aren’t we going to
have a meal?”

Colton loosened his tie absent-mindedly and asked, “Do you mind if we eat here?”

Giselle was stunned for a moment, but she soon regained her senses. She let out a smile and replied,
“Of course, I don’t. I can make use of this chance to get to know your sister too.”

Daisie smiled at her.

Colton sat down, and Giselle took the seat next to him.

All five of them sat around the table, and the atmosphere was awkward.

Freyja did not say anything from the beginning, while Daisie and James would chime in from time to
time. Most of the time, it was Giselle who was talking, and Colton did not talk much either.

Daisie and Freyja had almost finished their meals, so they asked the waiter to take their dishes away.

When the new dishes were served , Freyja did not touch them, while Daisie only ate the fruit.

At that moment, James took a piece of fruit and put it on Freyja’s plate.

Colton looked at Freyja expressionlessly.

Freyja turned her head to look at James and said, “Thank


Grinning from ear to ear, James said, “You’re welcome.” When Giselle saw their interaction, she
smiled. “Mr. Tell, is she your girlfriend?”

Freyja was stunned. Before she could say anything, James chuckled and said, “I think you should ask
Daisie that question.”

He threw the question to Daisie.

Daisie put down her fork and answered, “Freyja is my

best friend, and she’s still single.” Colton’s face turned dark, but nobody noticed it. He lifted his eyelids
to look at Freyja and said grimly, “It seems to me that you could make a good couple.”

Freyja pressed her lips tightly.

James grinned and said, “Really? Well, you two could make a good couple too, Mr. Goldmann.”

Colton gazed at him but did not say anything in return.

However, Giselle’s face turned red with embarrassment. It seemed like she took the things that James
said seriously.

Freyja lowered her head. She did not know why but she felt suffocated right now. She took her purse
and stood up. “I’m full, so I’ll go back first.”

She turned around and left.

Just when Daisie was about to follow after her, James stopped her. “I’ll send her back. Your brother is
here. Don’t worry. I assure you I’ll escort her back to her home safely.”

Daisie did not stop him.

Although James was sometimes quite unreliable, she knew he was not the kind of man who would take
advantage of other women after spending time with him in the past three years.

After all, he was not a playboy who liked to flirt with other women. In other people’s eyes, he was just
an unrestrained “loser.”

his gaze turned

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