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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1908

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Chapter 1908

When Freyja walked past him, Colton grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

Losing her balance, she fell into his arms. She tried to free herself from his arms, but he did not allow

“What the hell do you want now?”

He covered her mouth and turned his face sideways. “Go brush your teeth first. Then, we’ll talk.”

Freyja was rendered speechless. She pushed him away and walked into the restroom.

Colton massaged his temples.

Does she think that I think she was the one who told Daisie to complain to our mother? Just what the
hell is in her head?’

After Freyja finished brushing her teeth, she came out of the restroom.

Colton was standing in front of the window, talking to someone. When he saw her reflection through the
window, he ended the call and turned around to look at her. “Can we talk now?”

She was stunned. “What do you want to talk about?”

Colton walked up to her. She took a step back

unconsciously, but he pinned her into the corner. “We’re going to talk about your cousin. After all, I
have a score to settle with him.”

Freyja was dumbfounded and looked straight into his eyes. Colton’s eyes were filled with rage, and she
reckoned that it must be about the news she heard this afternoon.

She let out a chuckle and said, “So the one who bought the villa from Taylorton is my cousin.”

Colton did not say anything.

She chuckled again and said, “Then there’s nothing I can do. He’s the one who bought the villa, so you
should go look for him instead.”

Freyja tried to inch away from him, but Colton grabbed her shoulders. “Are you not going to ask me
why I want to buy the villa?”

Freyja’s smile froze. He was looking straight at her, and she averted her gaze. “That’s your own
personal business. I don’t think I have the right to know about it, right?”

“Hah, how funny,” He laughed, and his eyes turned cold. “Freyja, you really are the most heartless
woman I’ve ever seen. Do you know why I am buying the villa?”

Freyja did not want to listen to him. She tried to get away from her, but Colton secured her tightly in his
arms. He

lowered his head and planted his lips on hers.

Freyja was stunned. Before she could come around to her senses, he pried her teeth open with his
tongue, and his breath instantly enveloped her.

She put her hands on her shoulders but couldn’t push him away.

In the end, she succumbed to her desire.

The sky outside the window was dark, and the window screen swayed along with the wind, shrouding
the intimate activity inside the room.

Freyja buried her reddened face in the pillow.

Colton collected her hair that was stuck to her neck and hugged her from behind while chuckling.
“You’ll only behave as docile as a sheep at a moment like this.”

Freyja pressed her lips tightly and did not say anything in return.

Suddenly, he picked up her necklace with his finger and said, “You’ve been wearing the necklace that I
gave you.”

Her heart tightened, and she snatched the necklace away

from him.

She turned her head around as she did not want to look at him. Her voice sounded a little hoarse as
she said, “It’s kind of a waste to throw such an expensive thing away.”

Lying on the other side of the bed, Colton placed his hand

on his forehead and stared fixedly at her glowing skin.“ Really? Or does it carry a special meaning for
you?” Freyja snorted. “There’s no special meaning to it. No matter who gave it to me, I’d wear it. After
all, it’s just an accessory.”

She waited for a long while but did not get any response from Colton. Freyja turned her head around to
see the man next to her was resting his head on his arm. He

seemed to have fallen asleep as his chest was heaving up and down rhythmically.

Freyja looked at him. Her gaze was like a brush as she traced from his face to his features over and
over again.

Did he really want to buy that villa for her?

She was not heartless. Although Colton always criticized her, she could sense how he felt about her
from certain things when she was with him.

She raised her hand and stopped in front of his face.

“Unfortunately , the distance between us is too great,” she mumbled.

Neither of them could take that step as both of them restrained themselves.

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