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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1912

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Chapter 1912

And after Freyja left, Colton left without even eating, leaving Ms. Peterson behind and saying that
something came up and he was busy. It was all fake, wasn’t it?

‘It turns out that Colton and Freyja’s relationship has already developed to this extent!’

Freyja did not expect to be discovered by Daisie. She did not know how to explain it all of a sudden and
stood up in embarrassment. “Daisie, I’m sorry, we actually—”

“Wait.” Daisie raised her hand to interrupt her and took a deep breath. “Give me a minute or two. This
is too much information for me to handle at once. Have you two been together since long ago?”

Freyja lowered her gaze. “You can’t consider us to be together.”

Colton turned to look at her. His eyes dimmed, but he was eerily calm.

After a while, he said indifferently, “Freyja, you don’t want to admit it in front of Daisie, do you?”

Freyja remained silent, pursing her lips.

“It seems that I don’t have to explain to you.” He turned around, walked away with a sneer, and did not
look back.

Daisie froze in place as she watched him leave. She then stared at Freyja, who was standing in front of
the couch. ‘Is there any misunderstanding between the two of them?

In the evening, Freyja left first.

Daisie waited on the spot, and not long after , Nollace’s car was parked not far away.

She got into the car and was concerned about Freyja and Colton’s affairs, so she looked rather absent-

Nollace sorted out all the documents in his hands, put them back in a folder, and turned to look at her.
“What’s wrong?”

She came back to her senses. “I’m thinking about Freyja and Colton.”

Nollace chuckled. “You know about it already?”

She was slightly startled and turned her head. “Do you know about that too?” Nollace leaned back in
the seat. “I’ve known about it since way back.”

“Since when did this happen?”

“Three years ago.”

So it was after I returned to Zlokova.’

Daisie was stunned. She pursed her lips and looked out the window. “Why are Freyja and Colton hiding
it from


‘It’s not like I would stop them from dating each other?’

Nollace gave off a faint smile. “Their relationship is unclear and a little complicated, so that’s probably
because they themselves don’t even know how to open up to you.”

After saying that, he paused for a few seconds. “However, they’re the only ones who can digest and
resolve these things. It’s useless for other people to intervene.”

Daisie lowered her gaze as waves of thoughts overwhelmed her mind.

The car slowly drove into the Taylorton Villa. The single family villa that Nollace had bought for tens of
millions of dollars looked luxurious and elegant. It had a simple European-style design and an
independent yard and garage.

In the villa, green shrubs and plants could be seen everywhere, while pavilions, corridors, rockeries,
artificial lakes, and small parks filled up every single corner of the villa.

There was a gym and cafe downstairs, so one could enjoy life comfortably. And near Taylorton was the
prosperous Wellingston Street. Shopping malls, gourmet food stalls,

restaurants , hotels, and entertainment venues could be seen along the street. It was the main reason
that provided the people living there with great convenience.

The car stopped in the yard, and Nollace opened the door for her.

Daisie got out of the car and had to admit that the environment here was quite serene.

This neighborhood seemed to have been isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city.

She walked into the villa with Nollace and was immediately shocked by the scene in front of her.

The interior living space of the villa was a duplex floor, and it was romantically furnished. Her portraits
were hung on the porcelain walls. The handrails of the circular staircase were covered with balloons,
and the steps were sprinkled with rose petals.

If this was a surprise for her, she really was pleasantly surprised.

“Nollace, are you the one who specially arranged all these?” She looked back at the man behind her.

Nollace smiled. “Would you like to take a look at the bedroom?”

Daisie ran upstairs, went straight to the bedroom, and pushed open the door. In the bedroom , rose
petals were arranged in the shape of a heart on the floor, scented

candles were lit around them, and a small box was tied to the thread end of a string of balloons floating
on the ceiling.

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