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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1915

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Chapter 1915 After a long time, the two finally separated from each other. Nollace rubbed her lips
repeatedly. “It’s timeto go to bed.” Daisie became nervous subconsciously.

'Is it possible that the important moment is already here? Before she could recollect her thoughts,
Nollace hadpicked her up and carried her to the bed.

The moment he laid her down, she felt even more uneasy.

Nollace tucked her under the blanket , did not take any further action, lay down beside her, and hugged

“Get yourself some sleep already.

Good night.” Daisie stared blankly at the ceiling.

'When he said it's time to go to bed, he's only referring to a pure rest?’ She turned and stared at

Nollace had closed his eyes, and a trace of tiredness could be seen on his face as if he was really

Daisie breathed a sigh of relief.

‘That’s normal.

Arranging all these and decorating the villa must be very tiring.’ She turned over carefully toface him,
snuggled into his arms, and closed her eyes.

Outside the window, a beam of moonlight shone on the windowsill.

However, it was quiet and warm on the other side of the window pane.

At Tenet…

"Daisie, your official announcement was quite big, huh? It's caused Instagram to be paralyzed for a
short while.” When Charlie came to the company this morning, all theheadlines were about Daisie's
suspected official announcement.

When that was coupled with the photo of the ring that Daisie uploaded last night, all netizens were
trying to guess the identity of Daisie’s boyfriend.

The fans of Daisie and James even linked the two together , guessing whether the other party was

Daisie did not expect the photo she posted last night to create such an enormous commotion.

She scratched her cheeks in embarrassment.

"Sorry, I didn't expect it to cause such a huge ripple effect.” Charlie took a deep breath.

“I don't care if you're in a relationship now or what.

After all, you've achieved big success in your acting career.

After only three years of being in showbiz, you've already won the Best Actress award and been very

It'd be a pity if you were to quit the entertainment industry at this moment.” “I’m not going to quit.

I'm just making an official announcement about my marriage.” Charlie was stunned, “Won’t your
boyfriend mind that?” Many celebrities in the entertainment industryfaded out of the industry after the
official announcement of their marriage , especially those whose careers were gaining momentum.

All of them faded away after marriage and then made a comeback years later, but they had already
missed their opportunity.

“Daisie is an actor who’s blessed by God.

She's bom to act, a natural, not like any of those top celebrities.

Falling in love or getting married won't affect her in any way, but it’d be a pity if she were to stop acting
because of her marriage,like what happened to Helios Boucher.' Daisie explained with a grin, "He won't
mind, and he supports me very much.” Charlie nodded.

“Okay, then you should arrange your own time well.

After the filming of this drama is over, you can pick the projects that you want to accept only for a bit.”
She grinned, "Mr.

Johnson, that's very kind of you." "Hmph, if you keep me worrying about you after that, I won’t even
give you the chance to rest.”He then waved.“ Okay then, now hurry up and go back to what you were
working on before this.

Get out of my sight.” Daisie got up, walked up to the door, thought of something, and looked back at


Johnson, I'll invite you to my wedding banquet when the time comes.” Charlie clicked his tongue and
waved hishand.

“Get lost already.” She left the office with a smile on her face.

She left Tenet through its back door and got into the car quickly.

Freyja was waiting for her in the car.

“You’ve created such a huge commotion with your announcement.

If the public were to know that you've gotten married without giving them a heads up, they would surely
explode, wouldn’t they?” Daisie took the lipstick out ofher handbag, smeared it in front of the small
mirror, and sighed, “Someone will have to light the fuse sooner or later." Freyja approached her.

"You don't plan to let them know Nollace's identity, do you?” Daisie paused for a bit, then closed the lid
of the mirror.” I’m already a public figure.

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