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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1918

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Chapter 1918 That friendliness only extended to strangers and not friends. Friends showed emotions,
but Colton never paid attention to her emotions.

Even if her father never asked for his opinion before speaking to Nolan , he didn’t say much about it.

"I'm curious about the kind of woman that would interest you.” Colton looked around.

“Is it that important to you?”

Giselle was honest.

“If I'm not even in your consideration, I'm curious about the woman that you would fall for.

She must be much better than I am.” And maybe that was the reason he never thought about her that

If that woman was really outstanding , Giselle wouldn't feel so bad about it.

Colton was silent.

There were a lot of outstanding women.

Giselle, for example, was one of them.

She came from a great family and was disciplined and always learning.

She was a good example of a lady.

A woman like her would be a great wife because she would be able to manage the household andhelp
him with his business, but if a woman had to be outstanding for him to consider, Freyja would be far
from that.

She had a temper and was stubborn.

Her family was a mess, and she wasn't gentle, but that was the woman he had fallen for.

He suddenly thought that it was funny and laughed.

Giselle was surprised.



Colton paused and reverted to his neutral expression.

The peal of laughter a moment ago seemed like an illusion.” There aren’t that many outstanding
women, but even if they aren’t exceptional, they have their own positive trades.

How can we measure performance when it comes to life partners? Do they have to be from a good
family to be considered good?” Gisellewas stunned by the question.

“I didn't know you'd think about it from that perspective." She couldn’t deny that coming from a good
family would make one outstanding, but based on Colton’s background,it was hard not to think that
family mattered.

Colton loosened his tie and leaned back on his chair.

“If there's nothing else, I have things to tend to.” Giselle nodded, then left.

After she walked out of the office, she remembered that moment when Colton’s mind wandered, and
she had an idea.

He had a crush on someone.

That made her even more curious about what the woman was like.

Colton received a text from Daisie in his office.

He read through it and froze.

At the villa…

Freyja and Daisie cleaned the entire house together.

It took them two to three hours, and they now lay on the couch, out of energy.

Daisie looked at the clean and tidy living room.

“This was the first time I cleaned up.

That gave quite a sense of accomplishment.” "Right? Cleaning up can be a happy activity, especially
when I’m not happy.

I will be a lot less annoyed when I'm distracted,” Freyja said with a smile.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Daisie sat up.

“I'll get it.” She walked to the door and opened it to see Colton outside.

“Colton, you’re here so soon.”

Colton tapped her forehead.

That was the first time he felt like praising her.

“Good job.”

Daisie stuck out her tongue.

“It's nothing." Freyja suddenly realized what was happening and got up.

“Daisie Vanderbilt!”

Daisie put on her shoes hurriedly.

“Freyja, I’m leaving.


After she went out, she closed the door.

Freyja was annoyed because Daisie had asked Colton to come over behind her back.

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