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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1920

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Chapter 1920 Freyja tried to hit Colton, but he quickly grabbed her wrist and held her against the
closet. She couldn’t push him away.

"Colton, have you no shame!?" Colton raised her chin and stared at her flushed face.“ I’ve never been
ashamed.” Freyja didn’t knowwhat to say.

He lowered his head and kissed her.

He just wanted to tease her, but it escalated quickly.

He was familiar with her body, but if Freyja didn't have feelings for him, she wouldn’t just lethim get his

That was the only time they had the same thing in mind.

After a week, at the party to celebrate the end of their filming…

Daisie attended the party.

There were a lot of reporters at the door, and they rushed forward when Daisie and James showed


Vanderbilt, who was the man you mentioned in your social account? Can you tell us a bit more about
him?” Jameswanted to say something when Daisie pinched his arm.

He took a sharp breath and smiled but didn't speak.

Daisie calmly said, “I'm sorry, but my fiance doesn't like to be under the spotlight.

I hope that everyone will respect his privacy." A reporter asked, “Are you engaged?” Daisie affirmed.

The reporter continued.

“Is he in the industry too?" Daisie smiled and replied, “No.” The reporter had more questions, butJames
spoke up." When is it my turn? I'm the lead too.

Why don't you ask about me? I'll gladly talk about my private life.” James looked like he was ready to
be interviewed and was very enthusiastic about it.

The reporters were ashamed.

Daisie took the chance and escaped into the event hall.

Mitchell was drinking with the assistant director, and when he saw Daisie walking over, he raised his
glassand walked toward her.



Daisie turned to look at him.

“Hi.” “I'd like to apologize to you for causing trouble after listening to Susan.” He raised his glass.

Daisie picked up a glass of champagne with lower alcohol content.

“Apology accepted.” She then took a sip.

Mitchell slowly sipped his wine.

“I’m quite impressed that you made an official announcement.

I'm curious who would be good enough to be your soulmate.” Daisie looked down.

Was he trying to make her talk? “Do you care about my partner?” He smiled.

“How could I not? The fiance of a Goldmann must be someone important.” She smiled and said, “Not at

He's just a normal person." The grandson of a king who was handsome, rich, talented, and a
gentleman was just ‘normal’.

Mitchell didn’t buy it.

She was trying to hide his identity.

The more Daisie wanted to hide it, the more he would want to find out.

There weren't a lot of people who could be a match for her in Bassburgh.

If that weren't the case, the media wouldn't be interested.

If he really could find information about this, he might be able to become relevant again.

When the party ended, it was already 10:00 p.m.

Even if Daisie only drank champagne with low alcohol content, her face turned red after drinking a few

She wasn’t a good drinker.

Her face would turn red even from beer because her blood would circulate faster.

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