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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1924

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Chapter 1924 Susan did not want to wait until her contract expired. This was because it would be
toolate, and she wouldn't have any chance anymore if she returned to the entertainment industry at
that time.

She did not have a good family background like Daisie did.

She had to rely on herself to get the things she wanted, so now that there was a chance infront of her,
she had to grab it.


I'll help you." Mitchell stretched his arm forward and put it above her hand.

Then, he said meaningfully, “I’ve already helped you, Susan.

It's time for you to help me back.” When Susan saw that he still wanted to take advantage of herwhen
she was at the bottom of the barrel, she felt disgusted.

However, she had to hold back her anger as she still needed him.

Charlie handed the script of the variety show to Daisie.

Daisie took it, flipped through it, and then she was stunned.

“What is this?" Charlie said, “Our chairman wants you to participate in this variety show.

Right now, all media outlets are guessing who your boyfriend/fiance is, so rather than letting Mitchell
expose it,you should do it yourself.” Besides, it carried a different meaning if she explained the whole
thing herself on the variety show, including the reason she did not want to tell everyone who Nollace

By doing this, she could at least stop the media and the netizens from guessing Nollace’s identity.

Later, even if Mitchell sold the information to the media, that would be considered illegal since he would
be exposing other people’s information withouttheir consent.

People would criticize him for his actions, and his reputation in the entertainment industry would be

When that happened, he wouldn't be able to get back on his feet anymore.

The official media outlets wouldn't buy the information because they knew it was illegal.

As for those guys from the private sector, they might buy the information from Mitchell because they
wanted to gain attention, butit would be a hot potato for them.

Daisie nodded in assent and smiled.


I'll go get myself ready." By the time she returned to her office, the first thing she saw was James
circling around Freyja like a bee surrounding a flower.

He threw her all sorts of questions like what she liked eating, if she was hungry, and if she needed
himto pack any food for her.

He even introduced the restaurants he frequented to her.

Standing by the door, Daisie asked, “James, do you not have anything better to do?” James was
stunned for a moment, and thenhe grinned from ear to ear.

“I'm just helping you to take care of your friend.

Look at her, she has so much stuff to do.

Don't you think it's tiring?" Freyja raised her head to look at him and shook her head helplessly before
turning her head back toher work.

Daisie came into the office and lifted her leg to kick him.“ Stop disturbing her.” He evaded her kick and
pointed at her.

“Daisie, can't you learn from Freyja? Look at how gentle she is.” Daisie stood with her arms onher waist
and said, “That's because you've never seen Freyja lose her temper.” “Yes, I've never seen it before.

I've only seen you lose your temper.” After he finished speaking, he crossed his arms in front of his
chest and gazedat Daisie with a look of disgust.

“I don’t know what your fiance likes about you.

I feel so sorry for him.” "It's none of your business.” Both of them looked like two primarystudents
bickering against each other, and it reminded her of the time when she was arguing with Colton.

She did not know why but she felt they looked the same.

After Daisie sent James away, silence finally returned to the office.

She walked to the table and put down the script.

“It seems like this fellow is trying to challenge my second brother.” Initially, she did not know about the
things between Freyja and Colton,so she thought Freyja and James might work something out.

However, since her brother had made a move on Freyja first, her friend did not have any chance

Freyja lifted her eyelids and said, “Daisie, I thought you were on my side.

Why are you helping your brother now?” She still couldn't forget that Daisie had messaged Colton to
come tothe villa that day.

Daisie turned her head around and forced a smile on her face, “Don’t say that, Freyja.

I'm not helping my second brother at all.” She walked up to Freyja and wrapped her arm around hers.

“Don’t worry.

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