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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1929

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Chapter 1929 The program recording started, and Daisie sat on the stage, responding fluently to all
kinds ofquestions the host asked her.

Sure enough, her husband was something that would definitely be brought up.

However, Daisie answered the question with a smile," I've known him since I was a kid.” The host was

“So, are you two childhood sweethearts?" Daisie responded calmly, “That's right, but we were
separated for a long time until we met again back then.” Thehost continued to ask, “Then did you get
married because it's a marriage arranged by both families, or is it because of your personal feelings for
each other?” Daisie chuckled.

“It’s not an arranged marriage.

It's just our personal feelings." The host added, “Since you're married officially and legally, why didn’t
you choose to make itpublic? Are you worried that it'll affect his personal life?” Daisie laughed and

“Because my husband is just way too brilliant to be real, I don’t want to get him exposed.

Otherwise, what will I do if all I get in return are heaps and heaps of love rivals?However, although it's a
joke, I hope that everyone will stop trying to expose him from today onward, as this will bring a lot of
pressure on him.

Please , let's just allow him to remain mysterious." After recording the program , Daisie bid farewell to
the host and walked offstage.

Freyja stepped forward and reached out to help her down the steps.

On the way back to the company, Daisie scrolled through her cell phone to go through some of the

And it seemed that Charlie had stepped in, and Zestar Media was quick at resolving the problem.

The news of Susan being banned by Zestar had appeared on the top of the listof trending topics of the
day, and her acting career could be regarded as completely over.

As for the culprit behind the whole shenanigan, Mitchell was exposed for bribing the paparazzi and
harassing female artists.

In just a few hours, many companies which had cooperated with Mitchell in endorsement collaborations
had asked to terminate their contracts with him.

A group of reporters was gathered at the entrance of his apartment.

Mitchell stood behind the window and looked downstairs.

He looked depressed.

Dozens of calls came in from his agent, and he did not answer any of them, nor did he read any of his
text messages.

The last text message lit up the screen of the phone.

[The agency has run out of ideas to help you this time.

We had already done everything that we could to protect you at the beginning.

But since you don't know how to stay put and act properly, I truly have nothing elseto say.] Mitchell
swept everything off the table, and all the items dropped onto the floor - some of them even shattered .

His gaze looked gloomy and ruthless.

'Susan Hotch, that wh*re! I shouldn't have relied on her to help me with the task.

And Daisie Vanderbilt, I'll never let this slide, you b*tch!' At Blackgold…

Leonardo handed Colton all the information he had found about Yanis Tech Co.


Goldmann, these are the projects and series of developments Yanis Tech Co.

went through in the past two years, and I've found something very interesting.” Colton frowned.

“What's that?” Leonardo explained, “Before Yanis Tech was established, the previous company’s name
was known asthe World Trade Pinnacle, and Donald Matthews was one of its shareholders.

It's said that after Donald Matthews was arrested, the World Trade Pinnacle collapsed due to
insufficient funds and was lateracquired by the Knowles Group." Colton squinted slightly.

‘The Knowles Group…

That’s the enterprise that belongs to the Knowles.

‘Could it be that Yanis Tech Co.

was founded by that b* stard from the Knowles?' Seeing that he did not speak, Leonardo cautiously
asked,“ Mr.

Knowles is now your brother-in-law, isn't he?" Seeing Colton lift his eyelids, Leonardo lowered his head
and exitedthe office very consciously.

However, as soon as he arrived at the door, Colton stopped him.

He turned around.

“Is there anything else that you need me to do?" Colton held his hands together, interlocked his fingers,
placed them againsthis lips, and frowned.

“If your wife doesn't want to be pregnant with your child, what do you think is the reason?” Leonardo
wasat a loss for words.

'Why would he ask me such a personal question?' Leonardo scratched his cheek, looking

“I think the problem should come from the man..." Colton's expression dimmed.

"It comes from the man?” Leonardo asked weakly, “Are they married?” Colton paused for a split second
and lowered his gaze.“ No…” “Okay, if they’restill not married, how can he expect his woman to get
pregnant for him? Although it's normal for women to get pregnant before marriage nowadays, it's still
not something that will positively impact a woman's reputation.

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