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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1939

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Chapter 1939Daisie looked at Freyja with a serious face and said, “This is their fault, but we can’t let
them take advantage of us.If worse comes to worst, we’ll bring them down with us.We don’t need to be
afraid of them at all.” Freyja was stunned, and then a smile broke across her face.“Thank you, Daisie,
but I’m not going to do that to them.” Daisie was taken aback. “But they “Yes, they betrayed my trust,
but without them, I wouldn’t have the chance to publish any of my works,” Freyja said calmly.“Now that
we’re even, I’m going to terminate my contract with them.” Since they had betrayed her trust, there was
no way she was going to work for them anymore.At night, at the Seaview villa.After Freyja finished
taking her bath, she received a call from her editor.”Freyja , what the hell do you mean by this? Are you
sure you want to terminate your contract with us?”While she was drying her hair, she said indifferently,
“Yes.I’ve made up my mind.”“Are you out of your mind!? Do you know how much effort we’ve put into
promoting your works? We’ve given you such a great opportunity,and now you want to terminate your
contract?” me to do if I don’t terminate my contract now? Continue to let you guys take books? You
should feel grateful that we like your books.Besides, do you know what it means when you terminate
your contract without a reason before it expires? The copyright of your books will belong to us, and you
won’t get your pay“ I really have to give up on them?” Someone was standing by the door, and he only
came in after a on the floor, and she only calmed down after seeing you come here?” He undid the
button on his sleeves and replied, “Not stood up, and Colton hugged her from the back, stunning
her.She could smell the alcohol from“A little bit,” drove here?” she asked, her voice filled with not but he
hugged her even tighter and started to kiss herShe frowned. today.” “We’re hug you.” She turned her
head around to look at think I’ll believe in you?” Colton’s face Freyja nodded and said, “You’re asking
me? I think you know the answerAs soon as she finished speaking, Colton picked her up and threw her
on the bed.He tugged on his tie and trapped her in the corner of the bed.“Alright then.If you think I’m a
monster, I’m a monster then.” He lay down and kissed her.In fact, he was not in the mood today,
either.It was just that she triggered him.When he saw she was looking at him with her eyes wide open,
he stopped and got up.“Fine, I’ll let you off tonight.” Just when he was about to leave, a hand grabbed
his sleeve.Colton was stunned and turned his head around to look at her.Freyja released her hand and

sat at the side of the bed.” You shouldn’t drive since you had alcohol.I don’t want anything to happen to
you on your way home.”Colton narrowed his eyes, and it took him a long while before saying, “Are you
worried about me?”.Freyja lifted her head and looked at him.She did not know why, but the dark cloud
in her heart dissipated as soon as he arrived.She turned her face sideways and said, “Yeah.”Slightly
stunned, Colton fixed his gaze on her silently.

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