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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1949

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Chapter 1949

Nollace tightened his embrace, and he pressed his warm lips against her forehead as he held back his

” Close your eyes and rest for a bit first. Everything will be fine soon.”

Daisie nodded, leaned against his chest, and closed her eyes.

Colton arrived in a hurry.


Nollace picked her up and handed her to Colton.

“Send her to the hospital. I‘ll take care of the matter here.”

Upon seeing Daisie‘s condition and the injuries that she had suffered, Colton‘s heart skipped a beat.
His expression dimmed, and he gnashed his teeth, took her into his arms, and immediately carried her
into the car. Susan‘s face was as pale as death.

‘That‘s actually the second son of the Goldmanns, which means they’re here for Daisie?

‘If they learn that I… It‘s game over for me!

She then thought of something, got up, and came to Nollace‘s side.

one behind this incident. He kidnapped Daisie and me, and Daisie was hurt only

His gaze looked cold and stern, as if his eyes were covered by frost.

help but tremble and subconsciously

the man and glared

you use to touch her?”

The man shivered.

her at – Aaargh!”

in the next second, and his shrill scream

from upstairs , saw the other two injured men and was caught just

Haha, what a pity. You‘re already too


stared into his soul with

Mitchell fell to the ground. Before he could react, Nollace waved his hand at one of the men in black
and ordered, “Break his legs and

froze, and he stepped back

think you‘re doing? Don‘t you dare take another step nearer! Don‘t

two men kneel on the ground in fright.

we‘ve done. We… We‘re all forced to do all this. Please

face was expressionless. He then

“I‘ll definitely treat

black took them

to take the opportunity to

do you think you‘re going, Ms.

changed instantly, and her body

At this time, at the hospital…Daisie was being examined for injuries in the ward. Colton was sitting on
the bench in the corridor. In addition to being nervous, he was blaming himself more.Maisie and Nolan
rushed to the hospital after receiving the news.“Where‘s Daisie?”Colton got up.“Mom, Dad…”Maisie
stopped in front of him, grabbed his arm, and asked, “How could Daisie be kidnapped, and what
happened? Tell me everything now.” Colton lowered his gaze and had no choice but to tell her
everything.Maisie trembled with anger.“Mitchell Santos! He actually has the balls to kidnap my
daughter!?”She turned around and was about to go to Mitchell to teach him a lesson, but Nolan held
her back.“Zee, calm down.”Maisie flung his hand off and pointed to the ward.“Our daughter is lying in
there! How do you expect me to calm down?”Nolan sighed and wrapped his arm around her
shoulders.“Zee, he won‘t be able to get away with this. So the most important thing now is to wait for
Daisie‘s injury report.“

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