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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1948

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Chapter 1948Ignoring the excruciating pain that Daisie was feeling, she got up quickly, wrapped her
clothes around Susan, dragged her up, and ran out the door.The men who got up behind them went
after them. ”Don‘t let those two b*tches get away!”Daisie ran downstairs with Susan, and the people
behind her chased after them.Daisie did not stop running away until a stick hit her in the leg, and she
fell to the ground. She turned around, and the man who was coming after them was already standing
behind her.He panted and gave off a fierce smirk.“Did I tell you to run? You b*tches.”Daisie felt for the
stick on the ground, gnashed her teeth, and stood up. The assault from just now caused her legs to
tremble. The pain was so acute that it felt as if her bones had broken and her ligaments had torn.She
clenched the stick tightly and was about to hit the man with it.The man wanted to dodge the attack
subconsciously, but in the next second, Daisie was pinned down, and the stick was dropped from her
hand. at Susan, who herself in Daisie‘s clothes and bowed her head, so Daisie could not see her
expression clearly. Daisie roared, “Susan her head ruthlessly, and her eyes were way as I just did. How
can you get out of this incident without being tainted at the feet of the two men and begged them with a
smile, “I‘ve helped you to keep her here. You haven‘t gotten your chance to lay your fingers on this
woman, have you? I‘ll hand her to you, so please let me go.” two men exchanged you want us to let
you go? Do you smile gradually stiffened. grabbed her don‘t give it to you bad corner of her lips, and
her fair cheek looked severely flushed Daisie‘s clothes were torn into pieces, and her skin was exposed
under gaze blanked out gradually. Suddenly, Daisie returned to her senses and poked back
immediately. He covered his eyes, and blood spilled from the gaps between his fingers. The severe
and agonizing pain hit him in only an instant, and he rolled on the ground in My eyes” saw this, he
raised b*tch, how a strong beam of light flickered in front of him all of aThe next thing that caught his
attention was the numerous cars that surrounded the alley and the troop of men in black that appeared.
The man was so scared that he froze in place and did not dare to make a sound. Nollace got out of the
car, and when the embarrassing situation that Daisie was in caught his eye, his expression turned
gloomy and cold in an instant.Susan was dumbfounded.‘Who‘s this man? He looks so handsome! Not
to mention James, I can‘t even find a male celebrity in the industry that can go against him,

appearance–wise.‘But whoever it is, perhaps he can save me.‘Susan rushed toward Nollace, knelt next
to his feet, and begged with a pitiful voice, “Sir, please save me! As long as you save me, I‘ll do
whatever you want me to do.”Nollace did not even look at her and walked straight toward Daisie.As
soon as the man stood up, Nollace kicked him away, and he fell backward to the ground and was
unable to getOne of the men in black stepped forward and subdued him on the ground.Nollace took off
his coat, held Daisie in his arms, wrapped it around her, and stroked her swollen cheeks with his palm.
His fingers stiffened.“Daisie…” Daisie leaned feebly in his arms, trembling from head to toe.“I… I
thought I would never see you again, Nolly. I‘m so tired, and it hurts so bad…”

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