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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1957

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Chapter 1957Daisie looked at him. “You‘re quite optimistic, do you know that?”“Well, I‘ve always been
an optimist,” James replied with a grin, “I‘m not a good person, but there is one thing good about me. I
have a big heart.” Daisie crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned against the drawer. “Have
you been filming lately?” James was stunned. “How did you know about that?”“Mr. Johnson told me
about it.” She smiled and added,“ He said you‘re rather proactive today. He also told me that you look
like you finally decided to put in effort in your career.”“Bullsh*t. I‘m not being proactive. I need money,”
James replied sternly. “My dad has frozen my credit card. If I don‘t start filming right now, I won‘t even
be able to pay for my gas.” Daisie chuckled and patted his shoulder. “Keep it up, young man. You might
not need to ask for money from your father anymore in the future.”After that, she waved her hand and
left.James lowered his head, and his gaze turned gloomy as he looked at the empty cup. so stop
talking to me about refusing a marriage. I‘m telling you, James, you‘re thoughts, he let out it would have
made him look lame in him could not make his own decisions. Therefore , he did not have the right to
go at the Peterson mansion… never in her wildest dream that they would make their his daughter
looking at the magazine in a trance, he sighed lightly and walked toward her. He sat on the couch next
to her and said, “Gigi, you should move on from Coleman. After all, plenty of men in Bassburgh
deserve my daughter.” Giselle lowered her to have a good heart and is a responsible man, do a smile
onHer father smiled.At Taylorton.,, reading a document in the study room. When he heard footsteps in
the corridor, he raised his head and closed the she arrived at the“Why do you think I‘m not
Edison?”Nollace lifted his eyelids and chuckled. “There‘s no way Edison would jump and hop when
he‘s walking.”Daisie walked up to him and lay on top of the table. She rested her head on her hands
and looked at him. “I‘m still on holiday, so I can come back earlier.”Nollace leaned forward and twirled
his finger around her long hair to collect it behind her ears. “Do you have anything to tell me,
Daisie?”She grinned from ear to ear and replied, “How did you know that I have something to tell you?
Are you living inside of my head?” He chuckled. “Well, maybe.”She sat back up and said, “Nolly, we‘ve
gotten a marriage certificate, but I still think we lack something in our house.”He grabbed her into his
arms and asked, “And what is it?” Smiling, she said, “A wedding photo.” Nollace was stunned. Daisie

looked at him and asked, “What‘s wrong? Did I say anything wrong?”He shook his head helplessly and
said, “Of course not. If you want it, of course, I‘ll give it to you, Daisie.” He couldn‘t give her a wedding
right now, but at the very least, he could satisfy her yearning for a wedding photo.

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Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1957

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