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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1973

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Chapter 1973

Colton lowered his head to look at her.

He could see how worried she wasabout that kid. After a short while, he said, Okay.

I’ll help you. He knew very well that even though Deedee was Ken’s daughter, she was brought up

Besides, it was not a problem for him to raise another kid.

Freyja was surprised.

“You’re fine with it? Colton took off his jacket and put it on the hanger.

“I’ll say yes to everything as long as you ask.” Freyja was stunned.

Colton approached her and placed his hand on her stomach.

“But you need to promise me that you won’t go to see your mother.” The next day…

Freyja came downstairs after waking up at 10:00 a.m.

When she saw there were Ñ.Övel.Ë.book another four maids in the living room, she was slightly taken

maids also noticed her, and they all greeted her respectfully,

Ma’am asked us to

you need,

prepared a nutritious meal for you as

pregnant right now, so you need some nutritious food to make your

which “ma’am” the maid

that I’m pregnant? Did Colton tell her about it?’

came out of the elevator and walked across the corridor, she overheard

a daughter? “I heard it

that Freyja has a 4-year-old daughter and that she abandoned her daughter in order to become one of
the Goldmanns.” “Oh gosh,

Just when someone was about to say something,

Their expressions changed.


of them

Daisie looked at them expressionlessly and asked, “Where

was Sandy who exposed

or not, things wouldn’t end well

that everyone in Bassburgh already


There was a post about Freyja abandoning her daughter on Facebook She stuffed her phone and left
with a dark expression on herface.They all had seen Daisie’s expression just now, and all of them
thought she would confront Freyja.After all, there was a probability that Freyja had not told them about
her daughter so that she could become one ofthe Goldmanns.The post was spreading fast on the
Internet, and Freyja, who was revealed to be Colton’s girlfriend, was brought into the spotlight.Her
mother accused her of abandoning her daughter in order to become the daughter-in-law of the
Goldmanns.Most of the netizens were scolding Ñ.Övel.Ë.book Freyja, and their words were even more
vicious when they were criticizing Daisie in the past.How could she deceive the Goldmanns? This girl is
such a wh*re! People like her who abandonedtheir kids for a better life should just die! Why doesn’t she
just go to die? At Blackgold… Colton tossed the magazine on the table expressionlessly.Leonardo took
a glance at the cover, and just as he expected, it was about Freyja.He did not know about the things
between Colton and Freyja.He only knew about it when Colton made their relationship public.Before
that, he had been under the impression that Colton was going to spend the rest of his life with his work.

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