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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2003

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Chapter 2003Daisie was stunned.Zephir was so close to her that she could count his eyelashes. His
finger felt cold on her skin, and even though he was just wiping the soup off the corner of her lips, she
had a feeling that he was caressing his girlfriend. If it were in the past, she would have thought that he
did this out of goodwill or he was just taking care of her like his sister. However, she felt it was strange
right now.Perhaps it was because his breathing felt scalding on her skin. Daisie took the tissue paper
away from his hand and put some distance between them.“It’s okay, Zephir. I can do it myself.”Zephir
did not say anything. He just smiledAfter they had finished their meal, they left the restaurant stopped
his car in front of her. However, he did not drive away even after she got into his car. While she was
wondering what Zephir was doing, on his shoulder to push him away “What’s wrong? I’m just helping
you to put on your helping her to put on her seatbelt. She laughed dryly and said, smiled. “It’s
okay.” got out of his car. He only retracted his gaze after she disappeared from his was, he was
certain his hand on his face and laughed at really are a monster.’ evening, at bed with her arms around
her legs. Her eyes were slightly red and and sat at the side of the bed. “Deedee, I know you’re very
lowered lier lead and continued. “Deedee, I know this is my fault. I should have asked you if you
wanted to stay with your grandfather or not. to stay by your side, but stunned. that man, so you don’t
want me anymore. Is thatFreyja’s expression changed. She was so stunned that she did not know what
to say at all.She knew her mother was up to no good for taking Deedee here, but she did not know
what her mother had said to Deedee that had turned her into such a sensitive girl.Freyja clenched her
fist tightly and asked, “Deedee, do you believe what she said?”Deedee wept and asked carefully, “Can
you not be with that man? I don’t want to lose you.”Freyja froze.It was very late by the time Colton
returned to the mansion.He pushed the door to his bedroom open and saw Freyja. She should have
been asleep by now, yet she was standing in front of the window in her sleeping gown, staring at the
dark in front and lost in her own thoughts. Colton placed the jacket down and walked toward her. He
carried her in his arms, and she hastily wrapped her arms around his neck when she suddenly lost her
balance.After she came to her senses, she asked, “Colton?”Colton put her on the bed and secured her

in his arms. “Why are you not asleep yet?”Freyja averted his gaze and said, “I can’t sleep.” Colton
realized something and squinted. “Are you still upset with what happened today?”

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