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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2004

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Chapter 2004Freyja pressed her lips tightly and did not say anything.In fact, it had nothing to do with
the things that transpired today. Colton squatted in front of her and pressed his cheek on her stomach.
As he listened to the movement inside, he chuckled. “Can a one-month-old embryo move
around?”Freyja was stunned. This was the first time she saw this side of Colton. He was very careful,
and she lowered her head to look at him. Then, she said gently, “It’s only been a month or so. Our baby
can’t move yet.”Colton raised his head to look at her. “Have you felt nauseous recently?””Freyja shook
her head. “Not anymore after taking the medicine”He caressed her stomach gently and said, “Let’s go
get a marriage certificate too, Freyja.”Freyja was stunned. She thought her ears had falled her is she
asked, “What did you say!?” at her fixedly and said, emphasizing every word that spilled out of his lips,
“I said, let’s go it to come so soon, leg and said, “Don’t tell me that you only want to get the marriage
certificate after our kids have grown up. After all, I long while, she opened her mouth and asked,
“Is with confusion written all of the Pruitt,” he called her by her full name displeasingly. “What are you
talking about? Even bad way. I admit that I was not considerate enough in the past and always made
you misunderstand. If there is something you aren’t satisfied with, I’ll change. Is that not enough?” a
daze, and she did not know why but she had the she did not want Colton to see the tear in her eyes.
“Actually, you don’t have to do this…” breath and asked patiently, lips tightly, Freyja felt as if there was
a thorn in her heart, and it hurt you mean?” When she refused to her eyes, he was stunned, andHe
wiped the tear off the corner of her eyes and said, “Don’t cry.”She was caught between tears and
laughter as she said, “Stop that.” Colton was tickled pink by her. “If I don’t do this, people will say I bully
you when they see you crying.”She couldn’t stop her tears from falling out of her eyes. “You are
bullying me-Umm!”He planted a kiss on her lips, and at that moment, her heart leaped into a gallop.
She wanted to claim him for herself, but she was afraid she would rely too much on him. Colton pried
her teeth open and deepened the kiss. After a long while, she stopped crying, and he left her lips. He
looked at her swollen red lips and asked, “Do you still want to cry now?”She freed herself from his arms
and lay back on the bed. Colton followed suit and hugged her from the back. He buried his head in her
neck and said, his voice low and thick with emotion, “I’ve never seen you cry so much before.”Freyja

turned around and rolled into his arms, but she did not say anything. As Colton hugged her and kissed
her forehead, he looked toward the dark night through the window and fell deep in thought.In the next
few days, they signed Deedee up for psychological counseling therapy. At first, Deedee refused to
cooperate, and she only would cooperate with the therapist in the presence of Freyja.After the session
was over, Freyja stayed in the room to keep Deedee company.The therapists stopped in front of the
study room and knocked on the door. After he received the permission, he entered the room. “Mr.

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