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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2007

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Chapter 2007

Daisie lowered her gaze.

“Zephir has indeed returned to Zlokova.”

‘It’s been such a long time, and Colton still dislikes Zephir to the bones. At first, he didn’t like Nollace
either, but it was only superficial. However, he really dislikes Zephir from the bottom of his heart.’

“Since you’re now Nollace’s wife, don’t contact him that often. I’ve suppressed the news for you

Colton ended the call, rubbed the bridge of his nose, and summoned Leonardo into his office.

Leonardo walked into the office. “Mr. Goldmann, are you looking for me?”

He gave the order, “Send some men to keep an eye on Zephir Gosling, who recently returned to
Zlokova. Don’t give him the opportunity to take advantage of Daisie’s relationship with Nollace.”

Nollace, I don’t like Zephir even more After all, Nollace will at least sincerely think about the
consequences of his actions and how they will affect Daisie’s well being. But Zephir is different. Lisa
was expelled from school back then because

wanted nothing to do with her anymore. However, the expulsion back then was

was the one who forced her into walking the plank. That’s why she hated Daisie and even continued to

the end. To put it bluntly,

front of Daisie again. In any case, since I already regard Nollace as my brother-in-law,

this scandal has nothing to do


for other children to come to the villa to accompany Deedee-the nanny’s kid and some of his
employees’ children were all there. The oldest among the group was ten years

Freyja’s side. “Young lady, there’s no need to worry. You can see how much fun Deedee is having with
the other kids. Deedee will be surrounded by more children when she goes to kindergarten and will not
feel lonely

kindergarten, Freyja

that the nanny brought it up, Deedee should’ve started attending kindergarten at this age’

a cry came from the

Freyja ran over with the nanny and the child’s parents, only to see a 6-year-old girl covering her mouth
and crying loudly. Her mother rushed forward to check her out and found out that her mouth was
bleeding, “Beth, what happened to you?”The nanny also asked the other children. “What just happened
here?”One of the older boys explained, “She was playing with Deedee and might have gotten flicked in
her mouth with a rubber band.”Everyone’s gaze was fixed on Deedee, who was standing behind the
crowd.Deedee still had a broken rubber band in her hand.“Deedee…” Freyja wanted to ask her
something, but Deedee turned around instantly and ran into the villa without saying a word. Freyja
pursed her lips tightly. Whether it was Deedee’s fault or not, she could only apologize to the child
firstThe originally harmonious atmosphere ended with the incident. Freyja walked upstairs, came to
Deedee’s room, and knocked on the door. “Deedee, I’m coming in.”Before waiting for Deedee to
respond, Freyja pushed the door open and went in. Seeing that Deedee was squatting on the carpet
beside the bed and not making a single sound, Freyja walked up to her calmly, squatted down in front

of her, and asked gently, “Deedee, don’t you like playing with the other boys and girls?” Deedee did not
speak at all. Freyja stroked her hair. “Can you tell me why?”

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