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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2014

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Chapter 2014 The police rented a boat from a nearby fisherman to salvage the corpse ashore, brought
forensics to the scene for identification and evidence collection, and bagged the body. Edison fought thr
ough the crowd and frowned. “Has the identity of the body been confirmed?” The detective turned to lo
ok at him. “It‘s Bear.” Edison was startled as the zipper of the body bag was slowly pulled down. That
pale and slightly swollen face was indeed Bear‘s. ‘Bear has really died.‘ del

The detective got up and said earnestly, “We‘ve only found the suspect‘s body so far, but we won‘t give
up on the search and rescue.”

Edison nodded and sent the text message to Colton.

As soon as Colton arrived at
the company, he received a text message from Edison saying that Bear‘s body had been recovered, bu
t Nollace‘s whereabouts were still unknown. He placed the phone on the desk, leaned back in the chair,
rubbed the bridge of his nose, and muttered to himself, “He should still be alive… right?” ‘He‘d better b
e still alive. Otherwise, I really don‘t know how to explain this clusterf*ck to Daisie.‘ At this time, he recei
ved a call from the nanny. The nanny told him that Freyja had answered a phone call and had gone out

Freyja came to the pier by car, and sure enough, she saw Deedee sitting alone on a bench.

“Deedee!” Freyja ran straight up to her and pulled her up. “Are you hurt? Where have you been all night
? Why didn‘t you return to the villa? Don‘t you know that I‘m worried to death about


Deedee had actually run so far away by herself. If she had not taken the initiative to call her, she would
still be extremely worried that something bad had happened to her.

Deedee lowered her head and tightened the hands that were grasping the hem of her clothes.” I don‘t w
and be angry with me, okay? Now listen to me and come back with me.” She took Deedee‘s hand, but D

‘Did she overhear what I said the other night? Has what I said affected her this much?‘. Deedee had no

Freyja leaned over and placed her hand on her shoulder. “Deedee, are you blaming
me for sending you away? Sorry, I didn‘t consider your feelings. “But Deedee, I intend to send you back
you‘re feeling now. Your
grandfather loves you as much as I do too.” She stroked Deedee‘s cheek. “I have a great responsibility f
raising Deedee, both of us have been closely knitted. I‘m not her mother, but I have to take on a mother
—” Before she could finish her sentence, Deedee‘s collar was pulled by a man who suddenly appeared
hearted so quickly.”

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