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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2017

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Chapter 2017 Freyja looked up at Colton‘s back. He was so near yet felt so far away. Maybe they were
a mistake from the beginning. She was a selfish woman who didn‘t deserve his love.

Colton turned around and said to the bodyguard, “Send the child to the hospital.”

Sandy was stunned because she couldn‘t believe it. “What!? You care more for a child from someone e

“In your eyes, someone else‘s child doesn‘t deserve to live. Not even your own daughter deserved that.
If you look down on women so much, I wonder why your mother
didn‘t strangle you when you were born.”

Colton looked at Sandy with a blank expression.

Sandy looked awkward, and her breathing quickened, but she couldn‘t say a word.

Colton carried Freyja and turned around. “Mrs. Pruitt, this is the end of your good life.” 1

The bodyguard grabbed her
while she struggled and screamed, “Freyja Pruitt! You‘ll never be happy! Never in a million years!” Freyj
a shuddered in Colton‘s arms, and her eyes lost their luster.

Deedee was sent to the hospital while Freyja was brought to the Seaview Villa. Colton carried Freyja to
the room and was silent throughout the journey. The air was dead.

The moment he placed her down, Freyja grabbed onto him and tried to explain herself.
“I didn‘t want to give up our child because of Deedee…” Her hair was messy, and half of her face was s
wollen. Her eyes were filled with tears that were ready to drop. “But you also put our child in danger be
cause of Deedee, did you not?” Colton stared at her bloodshot eyes. “You never trusted me.”

She was too stunned to speak.

Colton got up and turned his back on her while saying in a calm tone, “You knew that your mother brou
ght Deedee over with a motive. I hid everything from you because I knew she had her, but I promised y
ou I would save Deedee. This could have been avoided if you had faith in
me, even just a little. “If I didn‘t send someone to keep an eye on your mother and know where she was
, our child would have been dead.”

Colton had found them quickly because he had sent someone to shadow them. If he didn‘t do that and
wasn‘t ready, would their child get to see the light of day?

Freyja was exasperated, but her tears still rolled down her swollen cheeks. “I… I know.” Colton turned t
o look at her, then laughed in anger. “You knew, yet you chose to put yourself

in harm‘s way. In your eyes, the child and I are not as important as Deedee.”

She shuddered. “No…” Colton gently touched her face. “All your explanations are nothing to me, Freyja
if you really love me or if I am the only one in love.” The madness three years ago was when everything
keep her:

He never minded Deedee‘s existence, but he cared about her attitude.

After what happened today, he felt that he wasn‘t as important as Deedee and that Freyja would even tr

Freya froze as her throat dried.

Her heart felt as if it was slowly evaporating.

had feelings for Colton even before the madness began three years ago, but she never felt that she des

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