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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2053

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Chapter 2053 Joaqin shot daggers at Nollace and said, “Just you wait for me.”

He then took his men and left.

Nollace caressed his rings, and his gaze was cold. His entire being was enveloped in a chrysalis of evil
energy that would force other people to stay away from him. Regardless of who it was, there would be
hell to pay for those who dared to hurt Daisie.

Meanwhile, at the Southern mansion…

The maid brought Daisie
to her room. “Miss, here we are. If you have anything you need, you can let us know.”

Daisie replied with a smile, “Alright. Thank you.”

the maid left, she stood in front of the mirror. There was a forest at the back of the Southern mansion, a
nd she could catch the fresh scent of the mud from the wind.

Even though the room was decorated in an ancient style, the furniture was of
modern style, and even the bed was from Simmons. The entire room gave off a cozy and was rather
poetic. “How do you feel about the room?” She turned her head around and saw Cameron standing by
the door with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

Daisie walked over and asked, “Mr. Southern, will anything happen to my eldest brother? Besides, isn‘t
Ms. Serrano your fiancee, so why…”

‘Why does she still go after my brother!?‘

let out a chuckle. “She isn‘t my fiancee. Her father wants me to marry his daughter, but that will never h

“As for your brother, you don‘t have to worry about him at all. He‘s pretty good at combat, so they won‘t
be able to do anything to him for the time being. You can stay here with a calm mind.”

Just when Cameron was about to leave, she stopped him. “Can you tell me where Nollace is?”

Cameron was stunned. After a short while, she looked at Daisie and met her expectant gaze. She
rolled her eyes around her sockets and replied, “Who is Nollace?” Daisie was dumbfounded. “Y–
You don‘t know him?” ‘But didn‘t Waylon say he‘s the one who saved Nollace? There is no use for him t
o lie to me.‘ “I‘ve saved many people. If you describe their appearance, I might know who it
is, but I can‘t remember names. Of course, it‘d be best if you could show me his photo.” Cameron wave
d her hand and disappeared into the other side of the corridor. Daisie lowered her head and stood there
for a long while. Cameron came downstairs, and the butler asked, “Sir, who is that girl?” “She‘s our gu
est,” she replied. “She‘s our revered guest. Make sure no one slights her.”

The butler nodded without asking anything. After all, he was certain that Daisie was someone trustwort
hy. Otherwise, Cameron wouldn‘t have taken her back. It was just that he wondered where the girl cam
e from. Several days later, the Southerns learned that Florence had been admitted to the hospital. They
heard that she was badly beaten up by Neal after she went to cause havoc in The Commune. Joaqin tr
ied to stand up for her but to no avail.

However, Cameron knew
better than anyone else whether Florence had gotten beaten up because she was acting unreasonably
or it was because of something else.

She was just not happy because Cameron had helped those two outsiders and ruined her plan.

However, she was no match for him. Therefore, she shifted
her attention to Nollace, trying to vent her spleen on him. Little did she expect that ‘Neal‘ was more ruthl
she could imagine. He did not care if she was a woman and beat her up badly

That being said, Cameron knew Nollace had done this for his wife.

Yuzu Villa was the largest restaurant in the Southern Clan‘s territory. It was also an antique auction hous

Sunny was sitting inside a private room on the second floor. He was holding a cup in his hand, and he s
aged man sitting opposite Sunny was Damian Walde, the owner of Yuzu Villa.

Damian was considered a rich
businessman in the East Islands. Yuzu Villa and the Novem Dracon downtown belonged to him. He was

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