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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2060

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Chapter 2060

Cameron flipped back in the air, grabbed a rod to block a blow, kicked his calf with a low kick. and insta
ntly snapped his arm.

The man screamed in pain and could no longer move.

Cameron pushed him away, flexibly spun the bat in her hand, and glanced at the men who were about t
o approach her. “What are you waiting for? Come at me together!” The group of men
rushed up to her together.

Cameron took a step to the side, came to the left side of the person dashing in
the front, blocked his attack with the hand with the brass knuckle, and swung the iron rod toward the cr

She ducked, avoiding the sneak attack, and the steel rod in her hand swung across the air and hit the
opponent‘s thigh and arm. And as the sound of bone cracking echoed, those men fell to the ground am
ong the chaos. The two of them fought their way through the middle of the group of goons, and all the s
eriously injured men in black fell to the ground and could no longer get back up. At that moment, the lea
der‘s expression of the hitmen became ruthless, and he took out his gun.” Die!”

Mahina was startled subconsciously. “Mr. Southern! Be careful!” An ear–
piercing gunshot penetrated through the silent air.

The bullet whizzed past Cameron‘s ear–it was only less than an inch away from a headshot!

When the man took the shot, he was assaulted by someone from behind. Cameron saw that the perso
n who attacked him was Waylon. Waylon quickly subdued him to the ground, grabbed his arm, and fold
ed it backward.

The man was sweating in pain, gasping for breath. The gun had long since fallen
from his palm, and Waylon stepped on
him. “The Southern Clan don‘t seem to allow their men to carry guns, so you must be from the Puzo Fa

The man‘s hand
was about to be dislocated, but he resisted the severe pain and gnaşhed his teeth. “It doesn‘t matter w
ho we are.”

Waylon exerted force, and the man‘s arm was immediately dislocated from the shoulder.

The man roared and fell to the
ground, clutching his immobile hand. The rest of the men have been dealt with and were all so seriousl
y injured that they could no longer keep their feet under their bodies. Cameron walked toward the man,
poked the iron rod in her hand
on his shoulder, and gave off a ferocious chuckle. “Interesting, you actually brought a gun along with yo
u from the very beginning, only to wait for us to get all busy before you ambush us from behind. ‘If it we
ren‘t for the eldest son of the Goldmanns, then I guess this would be it for me. ‘I really didn‘t expect that
. They brought so many men here not to kill me but to divert my

attention away from the gun that would kill me. After all, a bullet‘s speed will always be faster than that
of any cold weapon. No matter how competent and speedy I am, I‘ll definitely be shot in the end.‘ She li
fted the man‘s chin with the iron rod. “Fabio isn‘t this simple–
minded that he‘d order you to come to the Southern Clan‘s territory to ambush me. Now talk.”

Cold beads
of sweat were oozing out of the man‘s forehead and rolling down his face. His face was already as pale
as death, but he refused to utter a single word.

“So you want to
keep this a secret and bring it down to hell with you?” Cameron laughed, straightened her posture, and s
Waylon. “Give me the gun.” Waylon narrowed his eyes. “Mr. Southern, are you planning to kill someone

She loaded it, aimed it at the man‘s leg and arm, and fired two shots.

The excruciating pain made the
man roar until his voice turned hoarse, and his arms and legs were barely recognizable due to all the blo

Mahina hesitated.

Cameron stared at her. “What‘s the problem?” She whispered, “I can‘t carry him alone.” Cameron glance

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