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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2056

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Chapter 2056 Mr. Southern Sr. was startled and then burst into laughter. “Not bad. You‘re way more pol
ite than that girl.” Daisie wondered. “Who are you referring to, Mr. Southern Sr.?”

Cameron coughed, put down the teacup, and changed the subject. “Dad, I‘m going to talk to Mr. Serran
o about my marriage to that tigress.”

Sunny glared at her. “Do you still want to
marry her?” Cameron frowned. “Who told you that I want to marry her? I‘m going
to talk to him about the termination of the engagement.”

Mr. Southern Sr. glanced at him. “Are you sure that he‘ll agree to it?”

“Even if he doesn‘t want to agree to it, he’ll have to do so.” Cameron poured herself some tea. “I‘m not
going to marry a woman who‘s cheated on me.”

Mr. Southern Sr.
was rendered speechless. ‘She‘s talking as if she can marry a woman. After that, she looked at Daisie.
“Ms. Vanderbilt, if you‘re willing to become my wife, I‘ll take you over that tigress any day of the year.”

Daisie was flustered and hurriedly explained, “I‘m already married!”

Cameron propped her hand against her temple and gave off a faint
smile. “That‘s a simple matter. Just get a divorce, then marry me.”

Daisie was at a loss all of a sudden.

Sunny could not stand it anymore because the young lady was frightened. “Okay, how can you fool
around with a lady?”

‘She really thinks of herself as a man.‘

The next day, at the Serrano residence…

“Mr. Southern, you want to terminate the engagement?” Joaqin did not expect Cameron to come here t
o discuss the engagement‘s termination. His temperament plummeted as soon as the topic
was brought up.

The study fell into a dead silence in an instant.

Cameron tapped on the table with her fingertips and raised her
eyebrows casually. “Mr. Serrano, it seems that you don‘t plan to annul the engagement, but that‘s not y
our decision to make.”

Joaqin slammed the table angrily and stood up. “Don‘t you dare push your luck, Cameron Southern!”

When facing such a murderous aura, anyone else would have compromised long ago, but Cameron ch
uckled instead. “Are the Southerns the ones who are pushing our luck, or
is your daughter, Ms. Serrano, the one who‘s going too far?”

Joaqin clenched his hands. “If you want to terminate the engagement, there better be a reason.” (This is
photo out of the pocket of her suit and placed it on the table.

photo happened to be the picture of Florence throwing herself into Waylon‘s arms in the parking lot whe
what would others think of your daughter, and what would the people think of the Southerns?”

“You can use my grandfather‘s agreement with your father to get my father to compromise, but if this ph
daughter?” Joaqin was annoyed. “Are you threatening me?” She picked up the photo and restrained her
an elder to me. I‘m trying to preserve your family‘s reputation here. As long as you agree to annul the en
consider the close–

knitted relationship that your father and the Southerns accumulated over the years discarded.” This warn
an alarm in Joaqin‘s heart. He even began to suspect that Cameron did not only possess evidence of hi

‘Mr. Southern Sr. has always tried to preserve his acquaintances‘ reputation when it comes to dealing w

‘We‘ve been waiting for the Southerns to make a move so that they would provide us with the opportunit
out with us ruthlessly.‘

Joaqin was in a dilemma
at this moment. If he were to fall out with the Southerns now and acted too hastily, that would show their

After all, he still could not be sure whether Fabio would really help them go against the Southerns and th
Southern Clan willingly.

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