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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2066

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Chapter 2066 By the time the car arrived at the Southern
mansion, most of the maids had fallen asleep. Mahina opened the door for Cameron, and the latter
hastily went into the courtyard after getting out of the car.

However, little did she expect that she would run into someone.

The surroundings were dimly lit, and the light that came from the house had given her the chance to se
e who the person was in front of her. Cameron‘s heart skipped a beat, and she froze. Looking at the sc
antily–clad woman with heavy makeup, Waylon fell silent.

Cameron covered her face with her hand, and her palm was filled with sweat.

She had forgotten that Waylon was staying in their house. “M
—“When Mahina saw Waylon, she was so shocked that her soul
nearly left her body. She rushed forward and covered Cameron with a jacket. “Miss, this is Mr. Goldma
nn. He‘s Mr. Southern‘s friend.”

Waylon frowned. He gazed at the woman‘s half–covered face and chuckled.
“Since when Mr. Southern Sr. has a daughter?” “She isn‘t Mr. Southern Sr.’s daughter. She‘s Mr. South
ern—“. “I‘m Cameron‘s lover,” Cameron said, pitching her voice. “Cameron doesn‘t allow
me to show myself in
front of everyone. I thought everyone should be on their beds now since it‘s in the middle of the night.”

Mahina chimed in. “Yeah, Mr. Southern rarely lets anyone know he has a lover.”

Waylon nodded. He then looked at Mahina and asked, “Where is Mr. Southern? He hasn‘t come back y

Mahina froze for a moment before
replying, “He‘ll be back soon. Mr. Goldmann, why are you looking for Mr. Southern?”

“Well, there is something I want to ask him about,” he said as he glanced at Cameron. “May I know you
r name, miss?” Cameron pressed down the nauseous feeling and continued in a sweet voice. “You can
call me Iris Torres.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she tugged at Mahina.

Mahina got in front of her and
said, “I‘m sorry, Mr. Goldmann. Ms. Torres is tired, so I‘ll send her back to the room to get some rest firs

Waylon did not stop them and allowed them to walk past him.

He turned his head around to look at Iris, and he did not know why but he
felt that he had seen her somewhere before.

The next day…

Daisie, Waylon, and Sunny were having breakfast. When she couldn‘t see Cameron, Daisie
bit her spoon
and asked, “Where is Cameron? He hasn‘t woken up yet?” Laughing, Sunny explained, “He‘s always lik
need to care about him.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cameron came downstairs. She was still wearing a high collared shirt

Sunny snorted. “Do you think it‘s any different from my situation now?”

She pulled the chair and took a seat. Looking at the scrumptious breakfast on the table, she said, “We u
morning.” Sunny frowned. “Can you just keep your mouth shut and eat your breakfast?” Daisie remembe
family. Waylon lifted his eyelids and smiled meaningfully. “I remember someone came to look for Mr. Sou

Cameron froze.
She lifted her head and met Waylon‘s gaze. Sunny looked at her and asked, “Who?” “Ahem, it‘s a friend

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