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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2068

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Chapter 2068 “It isn’t necessary.” Daisie said decisively “I can’t cause him any trouble I’m okay as long
that I know he’s fine.”

Cameron smiled but did not say anything. She liked Date more than her Waylon After all, she was a
sweet and considerate young woman Not only that, but she was carefree and straightforward, unlike
her eldest brother

If she had a younger sister like her, she would spoil her with every last bit of the morwy she had


Nollace was checking the account of the Commune in the study Son, he realized something strange. A
few unknown funds got tashed out from The Commune’s dccount in the past few years when the
Serpents took the helm

Not only that, but it was not a small amount of noney It was $600,000 withdrawal per time

He suinmoned Jake into the study. Jake was the lielper that Sunny had assigned to humn He handed
the account book to Jake and ordered, “I need you to help me find out where this particular fund has
gone to.”

Jake took over the account book and nodded ‘Roger that.”

After Jake left, Nollace received a text message from Sunny Meanwhile, at the Parkin Chamber of

There was a group of black-clad men in the opulent living room. A middle-aged man holding a cigar
between his fingers was sitting on the sofa. He was finely dressed in a suit, and there was an
inconspicuous scar at the corner of his eye, making his deep eyes even more menacing Right now, a

portly man was standing in front of him. Sweat was oozing out of his forehead, and he held his breath

Suddenly, a woman came in and stood beside him. “Mr. Puzo, according to the investigation, all of the
imported liquor is counterfeit liquor of inferior quality.”

Fabio look a drag from his cigar, and the smoke rendered his expression unseeable. “Why is there
counterfeit liquor in the Parkin Chamber of Commerce? Mr. Bourge, don’t you think you owe me an

He was speaking in acalm voice and did not seem angry. However, he exuded a menacing aura that
sent a chill down everyone’s spines,

Mr. Bourge pulled a handkerchiel out with his trembling hands to wipe his sweat and replied,

… I really don’t know about il, Mr. Puzo. I was just following your instructions…”

Fabio flicked the ashes into the ashtray and continued. “So, are you saying that I’m the one who asked
you to import the counterfeit liquor?”

“No, no, that’s not what I’m saying…” Mr. Bourge was shaking His back was filled with sweat, and his
voice became weaker. This is my mistake.”

Fabio leaned backward and placed his arm over the back of the sola. His gaze was plercing as

he asked, “Do you know how much money I’ve lost this time?”

Mr. Bourge swallowed hard and replied, “I… I’ll get to the bottom of this, Mr. Puzo. I promise.”

“That’s more like it.”

Fabio picked up a glass of wine from the table and walked up to Mr. Bourge. He put his hand on his
shoulder and said, “I appointed you as the Parkin Chamber of Commerce manager because I trust you.
I’m sure you won’t let me down, but I’ll shred you into pieces if you can’t get anything. Those alligators
at the back of my house haven’t tasted human meat for some time.”

Mr. Bourge’s blood froze, and he trembled in fear. He said, “Yes, Mr. Puzo. Don’t worry, 1 won’t let you

Fabio patted his shoulder and finished the wine in one gulp. He let go of the glass, and the glass fell to
the floor, shattering into pieces.

He waved his hand and then left with his men,

Mr. Bourge nearly fell to the floor. His knees were weak, and he needed support from his subordinates.
However, he pushed them away and shouted, “Go check who the hell is doing this to us! Hurry!”

At Yuzu Villa…

Cameron was taking a sip of tea in a private room. In front of her was a woman playing an instrument.
Both the music and the environment gave off a cozy ambiance.

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