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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2072

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Chapter 2072 “His voice sounds slightly androgynous, which may be due to his slim plıysique His
choice of attire doesn’t show his figure much. However, a man’s wist and shoulders shouldn’t look as
slender as his Even his neck looks lean, and his hands don’t look as big as those of me.’ Waylon did
not utter a single word, and no otte knew what he was thinking about

Daisie knocked on her heal which was still rumming wild “Forget it. Maybe I’m just overlinkung things.”

Al the Parkan Chamber of Commerce

The bodyguards in black dragged Collin into the office Collum had no idea of what he had doni to
provoke the people from the Parkins Chamber of Commerce He looked at Buchanon, who was sitting
on the couch. “Mr. Gibson, what’s all this for

“What’s all this for?”

Huchanon thought of the words that Fabio had said to threaten im this morning. If he really did not find
out any clue, that was it for him, and the more he thought about it, the more he could not suppress the
anger that was burning within tuim “Collin Peralta, you devious b’ stard How dare you swap the Parlon
Chamber of Commerce’s or out without permission”

Collin was dumblounded, “What do you mean by swapping the Parkun Chumber ol Commerce’s liquor
out? I’m selling the batch of liquoriut prchased!” “Bullshor” Buchanon stood up, picked up an opened
but untouched bottle of liquor, and walked up to him “You should’ve drunk hard liquor before, shouldn’t
you?” He waved and inotioned the two bodyguards to hold Collin down

Collin struggled “Mr. Gibson, what are you going to do ”

One of the bodyguards pried open his mouth, and Ruchanon poured the liquor into his mouth
vigorously. A large amount of liquor flawed out of his mouth and into his nasal cavity, cholang him


“The bodyguard then released him and he lay on the ground,cougluing and gasping for air

Buchanon squalled down. Crabbed him by his hair, and forced him to look up. “My then found out that
the liquor sold in the East Gate Clubhouse comes from our chamber of rommerce, and The batch of
liquor that we arrived is all yours How dare you play Tricks on the Parkın Chamber of Commerce with
the batch of interior liquor that you ordered under Mr Puzo’s DOSE?”

Collin’s expression changed instantly “No That’s impossible” The bodyguard placed a box of liquor that
they got from the East Gate Clubhouse on the table, pled up the box of liquor from the chamber of
comulierce, and then opened a bottle from pah box

Bukhanon pointed at the bottles. “Taste them”

Colli yol up sidstered forward, then took both bottles of liquor, took turns to place thein flyit under his
now, and snilled them. The concentration and smell of the liquor were all dilterpul

Anyone who knew their liquor would be able to distinguish the quality of the liquor from the Sinell.

Collin was subconsciously astonished. “How could this be!?” “I’ve never doubted the batch of goods
because all the packaging looks the same. Because I know that they’re all inferior liquor, I didn’t even
open any of them all I ever cared about was selling them to the customers.

‘I want to demolish my clubhouse’s reputation, and that’s liow I’m going to destroy the Southern Clan’s
reputation After all, we’re one of the largest entertainmeut venues located in the Southern Clan’s
territory. Mr Puzo told me that as long as I inanape to run the Southern Clan’s reputation in the industry,
he’ll direct all his customers from Orato me.

‘The conditions that Mr Puzo offered me were loo altractive, sol yu carried away by the terms and
agreed to them. However, I really didn’t expect something so absurd to befall me

‘If Mr. Puzo were to find out about this, this might be the end of me

He suddenly remembered sometne “II’s Ms. Serrano’ it must be the doing of those two b* (ches!”

Buchanon was slightly startled and frownied “Ms. Serrano, als in Florence Serrano.”

Collin explained anxiously, “The Southern Clan confiscated my batch of goods, but a woman who
addressed herself as Ms. Torres told me that Ms Serrano claimed the goods on my behall I really
thought that the goods were mine. It must be Ms Serrano She must be the one who’s behind all these
shenanigans I’ve been tricked too’ Buchanon was dubious about his explanation, but he believed Collin
would not dare to deceive hitn in this context, so he asked one of the bodyguards to convey the
explanation to Fabio.

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